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4 hrs ago

U.S.-Mexico Border Wall: 360 Miles and Counting

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has made substantial headway on construction of the border wall—at a pace of nearly two miles a day. By the end of 2020, the Trump administration expects to meet and exceed its goal of 450 miles. And despite what critics say, this is an entirely new wall system, replacing either dilapidated or ineffective wall or wall where nothing existed before. The wall is as high as 30 feet, complete with anti-climb features. The wall works. 

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21 hrs ago

Chinese Foreign Direct Investments Featuring Dr. Derek Scissors

Heritage's Olivia Enos and Riley Walters interview Dr. Derek Scissors on Chinese foreign direct investments. Scissors is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of the China Global Investment Tracker.

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Oct 19

Heritage Mourns Loss of Ralph Z. Hallow

“Ralph Hallow was one of the great fixtures of Washington politics, breaking and reporting some of the biggest stories of our time," said Heritage President Kay C. James in a statement on the death of Ralph Z. Hallow, chief political correspondent and columnist for The Washington Times. "He was a true gentleman who possessed a brilliant mind and a sharp wit."

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Oct 16

SCOTUS 101: Confirm Me If You Can

In this episode hosts Amy and GianCarlo introduce Judge Amy Coney Barrett and cover all the most interesting and exciting parts of her confirmation hearing. They also discuss two cases argued before the Court this week.

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Oct 16

No Choice, No Exit: The Left’s Plans for Your Health Care

America’s health care has serious problems that need fixing. Outdated laws and excessive regulations still make it difficult for too many Americans to choose health coverage they can afford that best meets their needs. But those problems would only be compounded if the government gets more control over America’s health care. That’s precisely what the Left is aiming to do, according to a new book.

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Oct 16

The Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett: The Final Day of Hearings

We catch Sen. Joni Ernst just after the final day of hearings has wrapped up. The Iowa Republican reflects on the distractions that were part of this hearing and the constant talk of court packing.

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