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6 hrs ago

NEW REPORT: Why the U.S. Should Issue an Atrocity Determination for Uighurs

The U.S. government is contemplating issuing an atrocity determination for Uighur Muslims. Given the mounting evidence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be perpetrating genocide and crimes against humanity against Uighurs, earnest consideration is merited. An atrocity determination would reflect the realities of what the Uighur community in China is facing. 

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6 hrs ago

Defending the Constitution

"Recently, a group of college students challenged me, asking, 'Why are you conservatives so into the Constitution and all this ‘originalist’ stuff?'" In all the decades I’ve been involved in education, government, and public policy, I never thought that I’d have to make the case for keeping the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, I recognize that I do," writes Heritage President Kay Coles James. 

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Sep 16

Why the Electoral College Is so Necessary

As the presidential election draws nearer, leftist leaders have grown bolder in their calls to fundamentally change America’s electoral system by abolishing the Electoral College. Experts at The Heritage Foundation have produced an engage guide that explain why this would be disastrous.  “The Essential Electoral College” e-book gives you everything you need to know about why the electoral college is so necessary.

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Sep 15

Heritage Action Launches Pro-Police Billboards

"Heritage Action has put up SEVEN pro-police billboards in New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas—cities where the 'defund the police' movement is taking hold. Executive Director Jessica Anderson joined Fox & Friends on Monday morning to announce the launch. These billboards are grabbing media attention and helping us rally support for police. Millions will see these billboards and their impact in the coming weeks."

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Sep 15

BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up

Why would the Chinese Progressive Association support a new enterprise by a BlackLivesMatter co-founder? They both espouse the same desire for world communism. Heritage's Mike Gonzalez has the scoop on The Daily Signal. 

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Sep 14

Heritage Explains: China's Campaign to Destroy an Entire Ethnicity

This week on “Heritage Explains,” we hear the first of a two-part series on the Chinese Communist Party’s targeting of Uighur Muslims living in China. Olivia Enos, senior policy analyst in Heritage’s Asian Studies Center, will document and discuss the evidence of this atrocity and what the U.S. role should be.

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