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10 hrs ago

Too Optimistic on North Korea?

Heritage expert Dean Cheng joined Fox News yesterday to discuss North Korea's announcement that it will suspend it's nuclear and ICBM tests. "Kim Jong Un is saying he will suspend his tests, that's not the same thing as giving up his nuclear weapons," said Cheng. 

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Apr 20

Heritage Explains: How Airbnb Is Helping Not Hurting

On this weeks podcast Heritage expert Romina Boccia explains the "Airbnb effect" and new research that’s proving that alternative lodging is actually increasing tourism and overall travel, with direct benefits for local economies.

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Apr 19

SCOTUS 101: Don't Mess with Texas

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates break down Neil Gorsuch’s “liberal” vote in an immigration case and oral argument in the internet sales tax case. Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller also joins them to talk about Anthony Kennedy, Ted Cruz, and the sweet mystery of life.

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Apr 19

There Are Good Reasons for Felons to Lose the Right to Vote

George Will asks, “What compelling government interest is served by felon disenfranchisement?” Here’s the answer: If you’re not willing to follow the law, then you should not have a role in making the law for everyone else, which is what you do when you vote — either directly (in the case of a referendum or ballot initiative) or indirectly (by choosing lawmakers and law enforcers).

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Apr 18

On the Death of Barbara Bush

“With today’s passing of Barbara Bush, we have lost a true friend and leader. For those privileged to know her, Barbara was so many things—all of them extraordinary. Kind. Generous. Strong. Indefatigable," said Heritage President Kay Coles James. “Barbara showed me and those around her a caring touch and by her incomparable example the power of deep compassion ... "

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Apr 17

Heritage President: ‘The Next Farm Bill Cannot Be Business as Usual’

“The House Agriculture Committee is right to set a goal for improving work requirements for households receiving food stamps. Work requirements help the welfare system achieve its goal of reducing poverty while strengthening adult and child well-being," says Heritage President Kay Coles James. 

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