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46 mins ago

Time for Racism at Harvard and Our American Education System to End

A group suing Harvard made several damning allegations of racism in the Harvard admissions process. Included were accusations that the university uses a subjective “personal rating” criterion that hits Asian Americans with a “statistically significant penalty” relative to other applicants.


Are we going backwards in how we handle racism?

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Jun 15

Heritage Explains: The Truth About Immigration Enforcement

This week on the “Heritage Explains” podcast, we conclude our special series on immigration. David Inserra, a policy analyst in Heritage’s Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy, takes us back to basics on how we are currently enforcing immigration laws and how we can be doing it better. Listen to the podcast.

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Jun 15


This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about the Pacific Legal Foundation's big First Amendment win, and Ginsburg bench slapping the 2nd Circuit. They also interview Utah Supreme Court Justice Tom Lee about corpus linguistics, clerking for Justice Thomas and Judge Wilkinson, and family dinner with Rex Lee.

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Jun 13

Facebook Has an Obligation to Be More Transparent

The Daily Signal's Kelsey Harkness joined Fox Business to discuss the Facebook data scandal as well as Bill Clinton addressing the #Metoo movement. 

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Jun 13

SCOTUS 101: Is Kennedy Ghosting SCOTUS?

In this week's episode, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about a win for election integrity and a loss for one of the Constitution’s lost clauses. They also chat with Sixth Circuit Judge Jeff Sutton.

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Jun 12

China to the Moon?

China recently launched its Queqiao communications satellite. However, this satellite will not be orbiting earth, it will be part of China's lunar program. This mission is a great step for Chinese innovation-but may have some interesting implications for the United States. 

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