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8 hrs ago

False Narratives in the Wake of the Santa Fe Tragedy

Heritage expert Amy Swearer writes that the Santa Fe Tragedy has helped perpetuate gun control and school safety narratives that are sliding further from the truth than ever before. "It is important that these false narratives be corrected—we do not honor those who lost their lives by calling for policies that won’t prevent future tragedies because they aren’t based on facts."

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May 21

The Threat From Iran

Although Tehran’s missile arsenal primarily threatens U.S. bases and allies in the region, Iran eventually could expand their range to include the continental United States. In its January 2014 report on Iran’s military power, the Pentagon assessed that “Iran continues to develop technological capabilities that could be applicable to nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, which could be adapted to deliver nuclear weapons ..."

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May 21

'A Diplomatic Body Slam'

Heritage's James Carafano joined Fox News' "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino" to talk about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's speech this morning on the United States new Iran strategy. "This is a counterpunch strategy," said Carafano. "This is pretty powerful stuff." 

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May 18

We Have To Start Somewhere

"[In Washington] debt is continuing to pile up – $21 trillion to date, higher than it’s been at any point in our nation’s history – but no creditor calls or shows up. Lawmakers simply return the next year and make the problem worse," writes Heritage President Kay Coles James. "But that may be about to change, thanks to President Trump’s request that Congress cancel (or “rescind”) $15 billion that hasn’t been spent yet." 

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May 17


This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany review the RBG documentary and chat with SCOTUSblog’s Amy Howe. They also break down recent decisions on sports betting, shackling, and more. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Notorious RBG edition!

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May 16

Will the North Korea Summit Still Happen?

"Waking up this morning to this is quite a shock," said Heritage expert Bruce Klingner in an interview on CNN. Klingner is currently in Seoul, South Korea. 

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