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50 mins ago

Congress Can Slash the Cost of Health Care Premiums

A proposal to repeal Obamacare entitlements and replace them with grants to states would reduce premiums for individual coverage by as much as 32 percent, according to an analysis by the Center for Health and Economy. 

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Oct 12

How Strong is the United States Military?

After a long needed boost in defense spending, does the United States military have what it needs to protect our interest at home and abroad? On this episode of "Heritage Explains," Dakota Wood, a senior research fellow in Heritage's Center for National Defense and editor of the Index, walks us through some of the reports most important findings.

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Oct 11

Will Nikki Haley Lead Again?

"Nikki Haley's resignation as ambassador to the United Nations inevitably set off speculation about her future plans, including a White House run. There’s no question she’d make a great foreign policy president, full stop. That said, the prospects of a President Haley has a lot more consequence for global geopolitics than American politics," writes Heritage's James Carafano in The Hill. 

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Oct 10

Yes, Trump Has Backed Iran Into a Corner

Heritage's James Carafano recently joined Fox Business' "Varney and Co." to talk about the latest news from North Korea and if we will see a breakthrough on denuclearization. Plus, the Trump administration's tough approach to Iran and if it's working.

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Oct 4

SCOTUS 101: The Sunrise Side of the Mountain

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and John-Michael Seibler break down recent oral arguments in cases dealing with frogs, cemeteries, and an intelligible principle. Elizabeth also recently chatted with John Yoo about maintaining a sunny disposition in the face of adversity and road trips with Justice Clarence Thomas. 

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Oct 4

What Funds the Federal Budget?

In 2017, individual income taxes comprised 48 percent of all federal revenues. This is followed closely by payroll taxes which provided 35 percent of all revenues.

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The Virtue of Nationalism

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