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19 hrs ago

SAFE Rule Is Marked Improvement From Obama-Era Fuel Economy Mandates

“Consumers should have the freedom to buy the vehicle of their choice," says Heritage expert Nick Loris. "Every time the federal government has cranked up fuel-efficiency mandates, they override consumer preferences and obscure price signals that tell energy producers to drill for more oil or entrepreneurs to invest in more fuel-efficient cars."

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21 hrs ago

Keep Students Learning During Shutdowns

"Even imperfect attempts to reach students will offer them some sense of continuity and stability during this challenging period. When the option for more than 55 million K-12 students is either some form of online instruction or nothing at all, why take it off the table entirely?" writes Heritage expert Jonathan Butcher.

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Mar 30

Watch LIVE: President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force

Most major networks have stopped airing these briefings—but The Daily Signal, Heritage's multimedia news outlet is bringing them to you LIVE so you don’t miss the latest updates and information straight from the source. Watch the briefings live on The Daily Signal's Facebook page or click the link below.


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Mar 29

Heritage President Kay C. James on Life and Legacy of Sen. Tom Coburn

“Tom Coburn was the conservative conscience of the Congress. We're praying for his family and taking a moment to remember his integrity, hard work, and dedication to being the American people's watchdog over their government. He will be greatly missed.”

Mar 27

Principles That Guide Heritage in a Time of Pandemic

"As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, Heritage brings an array of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of policy areas. This work is being utilized at the highest levels of government, in the media, and among the public policy community ... It’s important to have a set of foundational principles that guide our work and are consistent with our True North conservative principles." 

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Mar 25

Keep Americans Attached to Jobs, Not Government Programs

“As currently drafted, the CARES Act will cripple the economy by pushing people away from their employers and onto unemployment insurance," says Heritage expert Paul Winfree. "This will ultimately hurt workers who will be better off remaining attached to their jobs so that when the pandemic subsides we can all get back to work as quickly as possible."

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