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18 hrs ago

Heritage Explains: The Left's Assault On the Electoral College

Several leading voices on the left have joined together to call for the abolishment of the Electoral College, and replace it with a national popular vote. This week, on the "Heritage Explains" podcast, Dr. John York debunks their arguments, and explains why the Electoral College is still the best system for electing our Presidents.

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Apr 24

SCOTUS 101: The Truth Is Out There

This week, Hans von Spakovsky joins Elizabeth Slattery to talk about the Title VII sex discrimination cases coming to SCOTUS next term and the oral argument in a case challenging the Trump Administration's plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Elizabeth also chats with 10th Circuit Judge Joel Carson about UFOs, livestock auctions, and more. 

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Apr 24

Warren's $640 Billion Student Debt Proposal

"Elizabeth Warren wants free college for every American. But what the Massachusetts senator doesn’t seem to realize is just how much more costly college would get if her 'free' proposal passed," writes Heritage expert Lindsey Burke. 

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Apr 23

Sri Lanka Attack an "Unspeakable Act of Absolute Barbarism"

Heritage expert Nile Gardiner joined Fox News on Easter Sunday to talk about the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, who might be behind the attacks, what they are seeking to accomplish, and what is behind the radical Islamist ideology that inspires these attacks. 

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Apr 19

Heritage Expert: Released Mueller Report Confirms No Collusion

The released Mueller report confirms that the Trump 2016 presidential campaign did not collude with Russia. It does not conclude that Trump attempted obstruction of justice. "The main element," explains Heritage expert Cully Stimson on the Ben Shapiro Show, "is the intent. Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual had the requisite mental thinking, the mens rea, to intentionally try to obstruct justice?" 

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Apr 18

SCOTUS 101: "I Know It When I See It"

This week, Kevin Daley from the Daily Caller joins Elizabeth Slattery to dispel an RBG conspiracy theory and break down a "scandalous" Supreme Court oral argument. Elizabeth also chats with Jamil Jaffer from GMU's Scalia Law School.

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