Fighting for America’s Future

Fighting for America’s Future

The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action are fighting to save America

Policy Priorities

Education | Borders and Crime | Election Integrity | Regulations and Spending | China | Big Tech | Life and Family

President’s Message

The Heritage Foundation’s and Heritage Action’s mission is to promote human flourishing by restoring self-governance to the American people. As the everyday American’s outpost in Washington, D.C., Heritage promotes and advocates for public policies based on the principles of limited government, economic freedom, a robust civil society, and a strong national defense. In recent years, those principles have been under attack by the leftist ideologues running America’s elite institutions.

Heritage’s place in this fight is primarily in the arena of ideas, public policy, and government accountability. As conservatives, our weapons are not the fleeting trends of the moment, but the proven, permanent fundamentals of human flourishing: faith, family, freedom, and nation. 

Through a rigorous analysis of public policy, opinion, and events, Heritage has identified seven challenges where our efforts are most needed and where we can do the most good. It will be on these seven fronts that The Heritage Foundation will make our stand, to: 

These are the issues that will decide the fight for America’s future and the conservative movement’s success over the next several years.

Parental rights. The rule of law. Democratic accountability. Individual liberty. National security. Equal opportunity. Human dignity. As matters of political debate and public policy, these issues seem distinct, but in the context of woke totalitarianism’s escalating culture war, they blend into a single fight, the same fight Americans have been waging—and winning—since 1776. Will our government serve “We the people” or a political, cultural, and corporate aristocracy that hates them? 

Heritage offers solutions to the challenges we face and the concrete reforms America needs to achieve the outcomes we seek. Unlike Washington partisans, we believe leaders owe the country such an agenda before ballots are cast—as an act of patriotic duty and republican virtue. This agenda proposes a return to our founding principles, trust in America’s unique constitutional culture, and adherence to both scientific fact and moral truth.  

In our schools, along the border and on our streets, in our voting booths, in our economy, in the world, and in the womb, we face the same choice: to stand up for the American people or bow down to elites that are trying to subjugate and cancel them. 

The stakes are high, and the battle lines are drawn. But neither are daunting—or unfamiliar. For they are the same today as they were at Bunker Hill and Gettysburg, at the Bulge and at Brandenburg Gate, at Independence Hall and on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  

History is once again calling America—the last, best hope of Earth—to defy the privileged and powerful and defend our Revolution, our Constitution, and our Heritage.  

Join us in this second American Revolution, and once again, together, we will win. 

Kevin Roberts
President, The Heritage Foundation