The Academy

The Academy

An Online Public Policy Fellowship

Conservatives in all life stages are faced with ever-increasing challenges to our values—in our schools, communities, universities, professions, states, and nation. Countering the assault on our beliefs requires being armed with a firm understanding of our nation’s founding principles and a solid grasp of today’s most urgent public policy issues.

Join The Heritage Foundation’s Academy for the knowledge and network you need to defend your views, win the battle of ideas, and return self-governance to the American people. Apply to Heritage’s free, virtual, part-time fellowship today!

Program Overview

The Heritage Academy is an eight-week fellowship which will deepen your understanding of America’s founding ideals and our most pressing public policy issues. Heritage Academy Fellows gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of conservatism through on-demand lectures, live Q&As, and discussion tracks.

As a Heritage Academy Fellow, you will:

  • Learn from the country’s leading experts during 16 policy lectures. These lectures are available on demand so that you can learn at your convenience and on your schedule.
  • Interact with leaders and experts in the conservative movement during four live Q&As.
  • Connect with other conservatives from around the country and the world to develop your network during live, small-group discussions.
  • Earn professional credentials and access Heritage’s Job Bank and career resources to build your future.

Who should apply?

Talented students, working professionals, and committed patriots of all ages with internet access are invited to apply. The Heritage Academy has hosted Fellows from all 50 states and 40+ countries around the world.

Important Dates

Fall 2024 Program: September 23—November 17

Application Deadline: September 15

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Heritage Academy Tracks

High School Track: Involved in a conservative club or group in your home state and looking to plug into the broader conservative movement? Interested in public policy issues and want to learn more and engage with national experts? Join our High School Track and meet like-minded students and learn how you can defend your values in the classroom and throughout your life. Many Heritage Academy Fellows are admitted to the in-person, summer High School Fellowship.

College Track: Do you want to meet other conservative college students from across the country—and across the world? Looking for a deeper dive into hot policy topics to effectively ensure free speech and defend your views on campus? Join our College Track to discuss these and other topics. Gain the skills and contacts you need to land your first internship or job in the conservative movement. Many Heritage Academy Fellows are later accepted into Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, the conservative movement’s premiere Washington, D.C. internship program.

Professionals & Patriots Track: Join our Professionals & Patriots Track to connect with other professionals and engaged conservatives from all walks of life. Gain the knowledge you need to promote conservative values at home, in the workplace, and in your community.

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Heritage Academy Testimonials

“The Academy program has supplemented my undergraduate college education by broadening my perspectives of significant public policy issues and equipping me to discuss them with confidence. I can genuinely say that I am more prepared for future internships and a career in public policy due to my experience in The Academy.”

—Joy Zavalick, Student, Grove City College

"As the Executive Director for the Young Conservatives of Texas, educating students is my number one priority. The Heritage Foundation's Academy is the best resource I have found so far for educating students in a holistic manner on public policy. I have encouraged every chapter chair in my organization to apply for The Academy. The Academy not only provides students with a holistic entry-level policy course, but also a deep dive into public policy. I heavily recommend participating in The Academy."

—Manfred Wendt, Executive Director, Young Conservatives of Texas

“It is programs like this one that restore my faith that we will prevail as I have swum alongside like-minded thinkers of all ages and walks of life. Witnessing the depth of knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm of these fellow cohorts—especially the young and rising stars—motivates me to continue the fight as we stand on the shoulders of our founding fathers and claim our inheritance which cannot be erased, canceled, or stolen from us.”

—Jacqueline Allee, International Programs Liaison, U.S. Naval War College

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Christopher Sullivan at [email protected].

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