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Jul 8

Supreme Court Ruling Finally Lets Nuns Live Out Their Faith

"It is truly heartbreaking that in a nation where we hold religious liberty as one of our highest ideals, government attempted to force religious organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor to act against their most deeply held religious beliefs ...," said Heritage President Kay C. James. "This ruling preserves fundamental religious liberties and is good news for all Americans, regardless of faith.”

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Jul 8

10 Recommendations for Reopening Schools

Many families rely on the custodial function of the physical K-12 school to enable them to go to work... The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission recently released a comprehensive set of 264 recommendations to guide America through this pandemic, while protecting both lives and livelihoods. 

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Jul 8

China Not Used to Pushback -- They're Finally Getting Some

Heritage's James Carafano joined Fox Business recently to talk about the latest from China, the Chinese Communist Party's broken promises to Hong Kong, and the need for strong U.S. policy toward China to protect U.S. interests. "A lot of people don't want to have to stand up to China," said Carafano, "but they're going to have to." 

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Jul 8

Will Postal Reform Leave Rural Americans in the Cold?

Would postal reform kill rural mail delivery? Some argue that reforms to give the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) more flexibility to decide its service levels and allow competition from private companies would leave rural areas behind, damaging or ending mail delivery to more remote locations. But the world in which government monopolies could keep competitors at bay is rapidly disappearing. 

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Jul 6

Heritage Commends SCOTUS Ruling to Protect the Electoral College

“Today’s Supreme Court decision safeguards our Electoral College system, which has protected our democratic process and provided unprecedented stability in our form of representative democracy for more than two centuries," said Heritage President Kay C. James. "The Electoral College was intended to ensure that voters’ voices were heard no matter where they live in a nation as geographically diverse as ours."

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Jul 2

SCOTUS 101: Chief Justice Roberts Moves the Strike Zone

In the latest episode, GianCarlo and Amy unpack the five big opinions issued this week, which involve religious liberty, abortion, separation of powers, corporate free-speech rights, and cutting edge trademark law. GianCarlo interviews Judge Daniel Bress of the Ninth Circuit who shares stories about clerking for Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III and Justice Scalia. 

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