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Feb 13

Heritage Explains: US vs. China and the UK in the Race to 5G

The 5G race is heating up. 5G will usher in a completely new era of mobile technology, and shape our culture for an entire generation. While there are significant economic implications to the winners, there are also serious national security implications. This week, Heritage's Klon Kitchen talks about the implications of the United Kingdom’s decision to allow Chinese controlled Huawei to build portions of their 5G network.

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Feb 12

Tracking Judicial Appointments

Federal judges serve long after the appointing president leaves office, interpreting what the Constitution and statutes mean and deciding cases involving the most important issues of our time. The Judicial Appointment Tracker provides the accurate and reliable data necessary to monitor and evaluate the process for appointing judges to the federal bench.


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Feb 12

Medicare For All’s Crushing Impact

Proposals to impose a government-run health care system on the entire American public would leave most households financially worse off. Heritage analysis of the pending “Medicare for All” legislation reveals that a typical household would lose $5,671 in disposable income (after taxes and private health expenses), a number that rises to $10,554 if the household already has employer-sponsored insurance.

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Feb 10

President’s Budget Takes Steps Toward Sustainable Fiscal Policy

“Washington’s consistent denial of the consequences of overspending by the federal government is one of the greatest threats to America’s future. President Trump’s FY2021 budget takes many important steps to curtail wasteful government spending, maintain successful pro-growth policy, sustain a strong national defense, and fund key constitutional priorities," said Heritage expert Romina Boccia. 

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Feb 7

Must Read: The Irony That Our Creed Is Our Culture

In Public Discourse, an online publication of the Witherspoon Institute, Heritage's new visiting fellow Dr. Allen Guelzo makes a compelling case that our creed is our culture. "For decades, both First Things and National Review have struggled to make as much peace as possible between two uncongenial streams of conservative thinking and praxis," writes Guelzo. 

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Feb 7

Heritage President: Time for Congress to Get Back to Work

"The U.S. House’s handling of the impeachment of President Trump has inflicted serious damage to America’s constitutional system of government," said Heritage President Kay C. James. "Impeachment is one of the most important checks on presidential power, and it is reserved for only the most serious offenses. Over the past months, it has been abused by members of Congress ..."

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