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6 hrs ago

WOTUS Replacement Will Help End Excessive Overreach

Today, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers released the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, a replacement for the Obama-era WOTUS rule. "There is still a need to take the time to carefully review the rule.  However, it is clear from the outset that this new rule shows a respect for the rule of law, federalism, Congress, individual rights, and the environment that has been sorely lacking,” says expert Daren Bakst. 

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Jan 22

Attorneys General Analyze Impeachment Articles

Twenty-one state attorneys general have released their analysis of the impeachment articles against President Trump. “This analysis is particularly useful,” said Heritage's Thomas Jipping, “because it looks at the theory behind these unusual articles and the dangerous impact it could have far beyond this impeachment.” 

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Jan 22

World Realizing 'China Is a Bully Economy'

Heritage's James Carafano joined Fox Business to talk about the latest from the annual Davos gathering of world leaders and President Trump's strong record on negotiating important trade deals with Canada, Mexico and China. 

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Jan 21

Inaugural 2020 Historically Black Colleges and Universities Forum

The Heritage Foundation will host the inaugural Historically Black Colleges and Universities Forum this Thursday. The event will highlight innovation and competitiveness of HBCUs. 

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Jan 17

SCOTUS 101: Ok, SCOTUS Boomer

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about the riveting first opinions of 2020 and new grants, (Trump tax returns, failed 4th Amendment seizures, and more!). They recap oral argument in the "Bridgegate" case and whether "Ok, Boomer" is canceled. Elizabeth also chats with Judge Chad Readler of the 6th Circuit about being a Michigan fan in the heart of Ohio Buckeye territory. 

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Jan 16

Heritage President: USMCA an Opportunity for Greater Economic Growth

“Passing the USMCA into law puts American families, businesses, workers, and farmers first by reducing prices on goods, increasing exports to our neighbors and the world, and creating more and higher paying jobs as a result of all the increased economic activity," said Heritage President Kay C. James. 

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