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Jul 30

Heritage Foundation Releases ‘Mandate for Leadership’ and ‘Solutions 2020’

Heritage has released its two flagship policy publications: “Mandate for Leadership” and “Solutions 2020.” "Mandate for Leadership" first published in 1981, has informed presidential administrations with principled policy recommendations for nearly 40 years ...  “Solutions 2020” serves as a comprehensive guide to the most important policy issues facing Americans.

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Jul 30

Why Can’t We Vote In Person?

"If we are all going to our grocery stores and pharmacies, why can’t we vote safely in person?" writes Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky. "We can, according to the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which were issued on June 22. Local election officials just need to implement the same safety protocols we are seeing in retail establishments ..."

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Jul 29

Heritage Experts Respond to Administration Renewing Eligibility for DACA Recipients

“Amnesty for illegal immigrants only begets more illegal immigration, increases the stress on America’s incredibly generous immigration system, and undermines the rule of law. President Trump acted correctly to undo the unconstitutional overreach of the Obama administration... However, due to the Supreme Court’s poorly decided ruling overturning that action, albeit perhaps only temporarily, the program remains intact."

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Jul 28

How Close Are We to a COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What to Know

"Even at the lowest dose, the Moderna vaccine stimulated binding antibodies in all participants by Day 15 and exceeded the levels in convalescent serum by Day 36," writes Heritage's Dr. Kevin Pham. "It took a second vaccination to elicit a neutralizing antibody response to the vaccine ..."

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Jul 28

Coronavirus Unemployment Relief Shouldn’t Include $600 Weekly Bonus Payment

If workers can receive more money from unemployment benefits than by working, there’s a clear incentive to remain unemployed. The $600 benefit even caused some businesses, like a coffee shop in Harlan, Kentucky, that otherwise would have remained open to instead shut down. Policymakers should replace the across-the-board $600 bonus benefit with a more targeted partial federal match to states’ unemployment benefits.

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Jul 26

Heritage Mourns Loss of James Gattuso

“The Heritage Foundation is mourning the loss of our longtime colleague and our dear friend James Gattuso. He was a brilliant policy expert, kind human being, and witty coworker," said Heritage President Kay C. James.  “James loved liberty. He was principled. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone and no one had a bad thing to say about him. He was truly what we should all strive to be."

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