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Sep 12

Heritage Expert Praises Repeal of Obama-era WOTUS

“The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers protect our nation’s waters best when they define what waters are regulated under the Clean Water Act in a manner consistent with the law itself, the U.S. Constitution, and a recognition that clear and objective definitions achieve positive environmental outcomes," said Heritage expert Daren Bakst. "The Obama Clean Water Rule — notorious for garnering widespread opposition — failed on all counts."

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Sep 11

We Must Never Forget 9/11, Or the Lessons We Learned From It

"Of course, we should be willing to negotiate an end to conflict if we believe it might actually result in lasting peace. But if we just walk away and signal that we want out at all costs, we send the Taliban and others a message: that they can return to their malicious activity unabated," writes Heritage expert David Inserra. 

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Sep 11

John Bolton Strengthened America's 'Strategic Posture and Outlook'

“Bolton served with distinction as national security adviser, and significantly strengthened the strategic posture and outlook of the United States as the world's superpower," said Heritage's Executive Vice President Kim Holmes in a statement. “His leadership was key to the U.S. policy of maximum pressure against the Iranian regime, which has succeeded in bringing the world's largest state sponsor of terror to its knees economically."

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Sep 11

Let’s Be Thankful to All Those Working to Foil Terrorism

It's been eighteen years since 9/11 and it's been a while since we've heard of any successful Islamist terrorism attacks. That doesn't mean no attempts are being made, however. 

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Sep 10

Heritage Explains: What Are 'Red Flag' Gun Laws and Do They Work?

It’s likely that Congress will consider ‘red flag’ gun laws in the coming weeks. This week, Heritage's Amy Swearer helps explain what these laws are, if they are working, and what concerns currently exist from liberals and conservatives.

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Sep 6

Heritage Expert Says Anti-Brexit Elites Are 'Running Scared'

Heritage's Nile Gardiner joined CNBC today to talk about the latest from the U.K., the anti-Brexit forces in Parliament resisting a new general election, and how the Conservatives, and Brexit, stand to benefit from giving the British people another chance to vote.

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