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6 hrs ago

Heritage Founder Ed Feulner Receives Clare Boothe Luce Lifetime Achievement Award

“Feulner’s outstanding vision and leadership are what earned The Heritage Foundation the title of the most impactful think tank in the world,” said Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James. “Through his stewardship, the principles of this country’s founding have been preserved and have informed many of the successful federal policies of the last four decades.”

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Oct 22

RSC Health Proposal Step in Right Direction

“America deserves a vision for health care that is better than the left’s calls for more government control," said Heritage expert Marie Fishpaw. "Heritage commends the Republican Study Committee for releasing a health care proposal that will reduce health care costs by removing federal mandates, help the most vulnerable get continued access to care, and provide more competition in health insurance markets ..."

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Oct 22

Pompeo Addresses Heritage's President’s Club Meeting

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks at The Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club Meeting in Washington, D.C. this morning. “When you see Venezuela get on the human rights council at the UN, it cries out for a re-examination of these fundamental first principles,” said Pompeo. 

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Oct 18

SCOTUS 101: Eagles, Aspic, and Elizabeth Warren

In a special episode, Elizabeth Slattery sits down with the legendary Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit to discuss the eagle collection in her chambers, her love of Julia Child and making aspic, and a run-in with Elizabeth Warren.

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Oct 18

Federal Judicial Clerkship Academy

We will host our second annual Federal Judicial Clerkship Training Academy on Feb. 26-28, 2020. The academy includes sessions on originalism, textualism, legal writing, and other legal and practical subject matter, all aimed at preparing attendees to excel as clerks in the U.S. federal court system. We have already confirmed several prominent circuit court judges, law professors, and practitioners to serve as our speakers. Applications are due Nov. 22. Confirmed 2020 clerks should apply now!

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Oct 17

Federal Spending per Person Is Skyrocketing

The federal government will soon be spending more per person than ever before. Adjusted for inflation, spending per person has grown from $3,782 in 1965 to $12,619 in 2018. 

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