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4 hrs ago

Paid Family Leave: Avoiding a New National Entitlement

A federal paid family leave law could minimize or dismantle existing private and state paid family leave provisions, and could cost federal taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

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10 hrs ago

Millennial Myths: Is Cancelling Student Loan Debt a Bad Idea?

What should be done to address the student loan crisis? Mary Clare Amselem sets the record straight in this week's episode of the "Millennial Myths" podcast. 

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Dec 6

SCOTUS 101: Guns and Gifts

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates talk about the NYC gun case and offer holiday gift ideas for SCOTUS fans. Elizabeth also chats with Judge Amul Thapar of the 6th Circuit about all things Kentucky.

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Dec 4

Final Rule for Food Stamps a Positive Step

“This final rule—which doesn’t impact parents with young children, the elderly, or disabled—is a positive step toward much-needed reform for the food stamp program. The administration’s approach has nearly universal public support," said Heritage expert Robert Rector in a statement. 

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Dec 4

London Bridge Killer Should Have Been Assessed Before Release

"Ultimately, there is no one else to blame for this attack except Khan. Still, we should expect further recriminations because this is one of those attacks where the authorities have not done all they may be reasonably expected to do to safeguard the public," writes Heritage expert Robin Simcox. 

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Dec 3

Insights on the NATO Summit in London

Heritage's Nile Gardiner says that NATO is far stronger today than it was three years ago. Why is that?

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