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7 hrs ago

SCOTUS 101: News, Numbers, and Nothing but Net

In this week’s episode, GianCarlo and Amy examine surprising data collected by Empirical SCOTUS about telephonic oral arguments, a new Roe v. Wade documentary, and emergency petitions to the Court by churches challenging stay-at-home orders. GianCarlo interviews veteran legal journalist Stuart Taylor, Jr., and they discuss his career and the state of the modern news media. Finally, your hosts fill in for ESPN by doing Supreme Court sports trivia.

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19 hrs ago

Heritage President: Communist China Again Shows It Cannot Be Trusted

“This is a sad day for this city of 8 million people, and it is one that became inevitable given the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of Hong Kong," said Heritage President Kay C. James. 

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19 hrs ago

Heritage Responds to Preventing Online Censorship Executive Order

The Trump administration today issued its Preventing Online Censorship executive order. The executive order calls on federal agencies to protect against arbitrary speech restrictions online, to prohibit federal spending on advertising with online platforms that violate the government’s free speech policies. 

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May 28

The Push for an All-by-mail Election Is Unwise — and Unnecessary

"We need absentee ballots for those who can't make it to their polling places because they are sick or physically disabled or serving our country abroad, but they should not be the only way to vote. Even in the midst of this pandemic, we can run our elections both safely and securely," writes Heritage's Hans von Spakovsky. 

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May 27

Coronavirus Commission Makes 10 Recommendations to Reopen K-12 Schools

"Students, parents, and teachers cannot afford to have their education put on hold," says Heritage's Lindsey Burke. Burke identifies 10 of the National Coronavirus Recovery Commission’s recommendations targeted at safely reopening K-12 schools and improving America’s education system.

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May 26

Heritage’s Kay C. James: On COVID 19 Economic Recovery

“I hate to think of what I'm doing to my grandchildren," said Heritage President Kay C. James on Epoch Times' "Thought Leaders." James lays out lays out what's wrong with the House Democrats new COVID-19 stimulus package and more. 

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