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20 hrs ago

Principles That Guide Heritage in a Time of Pandemic

"As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, Heritage brings an array of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of policy areas. This work is being utilized at the highest levels of government, in the media, and among the public policy community ... It’s important to have a set of foundational principles that guide our work and are consistent with our True North conservative principles." 

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Mar 25

Keep Americans Attached to Jobs, Not Government Programs

“As currently drafted, the CARES Act will cripple the economy by pushing people away from their employers and onto unemployment insurance," says Heritage expert Paul Winfree. "This will ultimately hurt workers who will be better off remaining attached to their jobs so that when the pandemic subsides we can all get back to work as quickly as possible."

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Mar 25

The Government Has Ample Constitutional Authority During a Time of Crisis

Heritage expert Cully Stimson joined Fox News for their special overnight coverage on the coronavirus to weigh-in on what constitutional powers the government has during a time of emergency. "Remember that the states, through the governors, hold police powers...The federal government does not enjoy or have police power under the constitution," said Stimson.  

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Mar 25

Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

From all of us here at The Heritage Foundation, we hope that you're doing well during this unprecedented time in our nation's history. While we have your attention, we'd like to remind you of the best way that you can do your part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Please remember to: Clean your hands often, avoid close contact with others, stay home if you are sick, cover coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect surfaces. 


Mar 23

Coronavirus Comes for Latin America

"Colombia, with 102 confirmed cases closed its border with neighboring Venezuela and recently declared a state of emergency," writes Heritage expert Ana Quintana. "Its capital, Bogota, is under mandatory, 11-day quarantine, and mobility is restricted throughout the country. State and local governments have implemented curfews to enforce social distancing policies."

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Mar 23

Coronavirus Bill Should Be Targeted, Temporary, and Directed at Economic Fallout

“As a nation, we are facing a genuine crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of many of us. Like everyone, we are deeply concerned for our families, our neighbors, our friends, and the businesses we depend on. We also are concerned by many of the provisions in the CARES Act," said Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James. 

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