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1 hr ago

The Clinton State Department’s Major Security Breach That Everyone Is Ignoring

Peter Strzok’s testimony about the email server scandal involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raised headlines because of his defiant, disrespectful, and unapologetic attitude about the bias revealed in his text messages that permeated his work at the FBI. But there's more that the media isn't covering. 

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Jul 19

My Taxes Are Funding What?

Although some colleges and professors are dedicated to serious scholarship, a recent paper published by Qualitative Inquiry raises significant questions about the nature of academic inquiry in higher education. Higher education that is being funded by American tax revenue. 

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Jul 19

Nikki Haley: A Profile in Courage

"Ambassador Haley’s principles and tenacity have served her well all her life, first as a young businesswoman, then as South Carolina’s first Indian-American legislator, and later as the Palmetto State’s first female and minority governor," writes Heritage President Kay Coles James. 

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Jul 18

Trump Wisely Keeping ‘Really Bad Dudes’ in Guantanamo Bay

Today, only 40 terrorists remain at Gitmo. But they are considered the worst of the worst or, in the words of President Trump, “really bad dudes.” That is why we should all appreciate that Trump has kept his campaign promise to do the opposite of what President Barack Obama wanted to do: keep Guantanamo Bay open to detain these very dangerous terrorists. 

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Jul 17

SCOTUS 101: Debunking the Myths about Kavanaugh

In the second episode of the summer session, EPPC’s Ed Whelan joins Elizabeth Slattery to break down myths about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh – everything from the Russia investigation to being a baseball fanatic.

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Jul 17

Here’s a Worthy Consolation for Croatia After Losing World Cup Final

Croatia wasn’t quite able to pull off the World Cup final against France last weekend. Congress should give it a win by admitting it to the Visa Waiver Program.

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