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4 hrs ago

Heritage’s Kay C. James: On COVID 19 Economic Recovery

“I hate to think of what I'm doing to my grandchildren," said Heritage President Kay C. James on Epoch Times' "Thought Leaders." James lays out lays out what's wrong with the House Democrats new COVID-19 stimulus package and more. 

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May 24

Heritage President Agrees: Houses of Worship Essential, Should Open Safely

"If grocery stores can be open because they're essential to feeding our bodies, churches should be open because they're essential to feeding our souls. Since our founding, churches have played a critical role in preserving the fabric of this nation," says Heritage President Kay C. James. 

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May 22

Calculating the Costs of Declining Industries

As the U.S. economy falters from closures and layoffs as a result of the COVID-19 virus, policymakers will need to have an understanding of the associated economic costs. This calculator allows users to paint a picture of the costs from shuttering sectors of the economy for weeks or months. The results are not predictions, but merely illustrations of the short-run impact on GDP from closing down parts of the economy. 

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May 22

SCOTUS 101: American Dreams

In this episode, Amy impersonates Matthew McConaughey, GianCarlo tries out a French accent, and the two of them discuss the new documentary, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words. They also unpack the one opinion released this week, which involves the 1998 al Qaeda bombings of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. 

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May 21

Are COVID Survivors Immune From Getting It Again? What You Need to Know

"There are two important issues in determining immunity: testing for the presence of virus-neutralizing antibodies in a blood test and the testing of the concentration of those antibodies in the body," writes Heritage's Peter Brookes and Kevin Pham. 

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May 20

Heritage Explains: What You Need to Know About the Food Supply Disruptions

Restaurants are closed due to COVID-19. Farmers are dumping fresh milk and eggs. Meat processing plants are shutting down, causing shortages of beef, poultry, and pork. How long can these disruptions last? Is there a solution to help farmers, meat processing plants and their workers? Some are making calls for Americans to just stop eating meat. Should we even entertain that? Heritage's Daren Bakst explains.

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