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2 hrs ago

Today (and Every Day) Is National First Responders Day

Today, Oct. 28, is National First Responders Day. This day honors the heroic men and women who run towards danger every day to help their fellow citizen. Our police, paramedics, and firefighters always deserve our gratitude and respect, but their response to disasters in 2020 calls for loud and proud support from all Americans on this (and every) day.

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11 hrs ago

A Plan to Stop Targeted Violence in America’s Cities

Violent riots in Portland and other cities across America must stop. Violent groups have hijacked what were originally peaceful protests, and members of the media and liberal politicians are complicit.

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12 hrs ago

Heritage Foundation PSAs Encourage All Americans to Vote

“The right to vote is among the most sacred rights we have as Americans. It is fundamental to our democracy,” says Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James. “This election season, everyone must exercise his or her right to vote. And all of us must work together to ensure that our elections are safe and that each vote is counted with the highest level of integrity.” 

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13 hrs ago

Perspectives: Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Senators Blackburn and Ernst reflect on a successful confirmation process. The Senators also speak about what it means to have the courage of your convictions and give their advice to anyone thinking about public service.

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Oct 27

Does the Us Owe Amnesty to Future Illegal Immigrants?

"Promise of amnesty is the single greatest public relations coup for coyotes (smugglers) imaginable. They will use that promise to recruit many tens-of-thousands of illegal immigrants to pay them many tens-of-millions of dollars to try to sneak them, including children, across the border," writes Heritage's Lora Ries in The Hill. 

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Oct 26

Identity Politics and Woke Culture

Identity politics and "woke culture" have taken over our schools. How did this start? Where is it going? And what can we do to stop this? Mary Clare is joined by The Manhattan Institute's Max Eden and The Heritage Foundation's Mike Gonzalez to discuss these tough issues.

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