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10 hrs ago

U.S. Policy in Europe: Six Priorities for 2019

2019 will be a key year for U.S. policy in Europe. EU parliamentary elections in May will color the continent’s political discourse, and important national elections are scheduled throughout the year including in Greece, Poland, and Ukraine.

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Jan 20

Heritage Explains: The 5 Deadly Myths of Defense Spending

This week on the "Heritage Explains" podcast, Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr, who serves as director of Heritage's Center for National Defense, debunks some of the most timeworn arguments about defense spending used in an attempt to slash the Pentagon's budget.

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Jan 18

SCOTUS 101: How to Fund SCOTUS During the Shutdown

This week, Jason Snead joins Elizabeth Slattery to talk about the snurlough (snow day + furlough), the return of #GorsuchStyle, and creative ideas for funding SCOTUS during the government shutdown. Elizabeth also chats with Todd Gaziano about recent SCOTUS arguments. Don't miss Supreme Trivia - Silly SCOTUS edition.

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Jan 18

New Missile Defense Review

"Amid reports that Russia is developing new cruise and ballistic missiles—including one that violates the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty—and assessments that North Korea now has a missile that can reach the United States, President Donald Trump visited the Pentagon on Thursday to release a report on America’s preparedness to combat global missile threats, the 2019 Missile Defense Review."

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Jan 17

Barr Emerges From Confirmation Hearing Without a Scratch

"The calm, respectful atmosphere of the hearing was completely different from the venomous circus that prevailed during the last major confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee, when Brett Kavanaugh was being considered for the U.S. Supreme Court," writes Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky on 

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Jan 16

Heritage Explains: What Winning Looks Like for Conservatives in 2019

This week, on the "Heritage Explains" podcast,Tommy Binion, vice president of Heritage’s Congressional and Executive Branch Relations, explains how the shift of power is going to impact Conservative's ability to enact policy, and what they can do to win, in spite of the new political landscape.

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