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Jun 25

America’s Biggest Issues: Education

American colleges and universities are failing in one of their most basic missions: to equip students with the tools they need for a career. Many students graduate ill-prepared to earn a living and pay off the debt they’ve accumulated getting their degrees. Forty percent of those who start college don’t finish within six years.

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Jun 21

Iran and Trump – Here’s What’s Really Going On

"There are wars and rumors of war. And then there is Trump’s policy toward Iran, which fuels endless speculation. Despite much public handwringing over the announcement that the Pentagon is sending an additional 1,000 troops to the Gulf region, there are no signs the U.S. plans to escalate the stand-off with Tehran."

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Jun 20

SCOTUS 101: Things are Getting Interesting

This week, fellow Heritage scholar Cully Stimson joins Elizabeth Slattery to highlight recent opinions. From the Bladensburg Peace Cross to nondelegation to redistricting, things are finally getting interesting. Elizabeth also chats with SCOTUS short lister Third Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman. 

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Jun 19

Heritage Applauds EPA’s Replacement of the Clean Power Plan

“The Affordable Clean Energy rule is a sensible alternative to the Obama administration’s climate alarmist agenda, the Clean Power Plan," said Heritage expert Nick Loris. "The U.S. Supreme Court agreed that the proposed Obama-era regulation unacceptably exceeded EPA’s statutory authority and disregarded states’ concerns that the rule abandoned federalism, so the CPP never went into effect." 

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Jun 18

Heritage's 2018 Annual Report

America has few “full service” think tanks for a very simple reason: It’s not easy to assemble and develop talent in a wide range of disciplines. But being a “full service” think tank does have its advantages. When complex problems present themselves, Heritage is able to draw on the expertise of any and—if need be—all of its research centers to develop practical, comprehensive solutions beyond the reach of most research institutions.

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Jun 14

When the Chips Are Down, Never Bet Against the US Army

"Friday, June 14 is the U.S. Army’s 244th birthday. Since it was born in 1775, even before the birth of the nation itself, the Army has always responded to fight our wars, provide disaster support, build dams and levees, enforce desegregation, and help partner nations develop their own armies."

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