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8 hrs ago

Designating Antifa as Domestic Terror Organization Is Step Toward Restoring Law and Order

Due to the overbroad use of the term “terrorist,” the word itself has largely lost its meaning, resulting in a political and public disagreement on which organizations, if any, should be labeled terrorist, and why. The term appropriately applies to Antifa.

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Jun 2

'We Need President Trump to Help Heal the Nation'

Heritage visiting fellow, Kiron Skinner joined Fox News today to talk about the protests and riots sweeping the country following the death of George Floyd, the unacceptable violence taking place during the riots, and what President Trump must do to bring the nation together.

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Jun 2

Why the Push for an All-by-Mail Election Is Unwise

Did you know in 2016, more mail ballots—6.5 million—were misdirected or unaccounted for than the margin of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Learn more from Heritage's Hans von Spakovsky. 

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May 31

Kay C. James: Americans Must Speak Up and Reject Racism

Heritage President Kay C. James, says the horrific and needless death of George Floyd must serve as a turning point to make Americans finally end the ugly racism that stains our nation’s history. James, who was part of the civil rights movement of the 1960s and helped desegregate her school, writes: “The senseless and completely unjustified killing of George Floyd – an unarmed black man – by a white police officer in Minneapolis on Monday should shock the conscience of America.

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May 31

Heritage Foundation President: A "Significant Moment of the New Space Age"

"Almost nine years after the last American-launched manned flight into space, it is a significant moment of the new Space Age to see an American rocket lift off from an American launch pad with an American crew aboard. America once again can ‘slip the surly bonds of Earth’ through its own efforts."

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May 29

SCOTUS 101: News, Numbers, and Nothing but Net

In this week’s episode, GianCarlo and Amy examine surprising data collected by Empirical SCOTUS about telephonic oral arguments, a new Roe v. Wade documentary, and emergency petitions to the Court by churches challenging stay-at-home orders. GianCarlo interviews veteran legal journalist Stuart Taylor, Jr., and they discuss his career and the state of the modern news media. Finally, your hosts fill in for ESPN by doing Supreme Court sports trivia.

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