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6 hrs ago

SCOTUS 101: Running the BK5K

Former law clerk Justin Walker joins Elizabeth Slattery to talk about working for Judge Kavanaugh and Justice Kennedy, running the BK5K, and the single best Kavanaugh opinion.

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Aug 14

The Santa Fe High School Shooting Survivors the Media Ignored

This week, The Daily Signal's Kelsey Harkness talks about her interview with Santa Fe High School students on the one month anniversary of the shooting. Also, Heritage expert Amy Swearer helps to explain some of the policy issues around our nations school safety crisis.

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Aug 10

Is a Judge a Player or an Umpire?

"Judge Brett Kavanaugh has embraced the parallel between a judge and an umpire. In March 2015 speech at Catholic University School of Law, for example, he outlined ten principles by which a 'good judge' is like an umpire. 'To be an umpire as a judge,' he said, 'means to follow the law and not to make or re-make the law — and to be impartial in how we go about doing that.”'

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Aug 9

Libertarianism vs. Conservatism

Tonight interns from the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation will go head-to-head to answer the question: Is libertarianism or conservatism the superior political philosophy?

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Aug 6

America Is Not Ready for the Drone Threat

Drones are exploding in popularity, but if certain nefarious individuals have their way drones may soon be actually exploding. There is a real potential for enemies to use drones to harm Americans and damage our nation’s critical infrastructure. Already, overseas terrorists are deploying drone bombers. Domestic criminals are also using drones to commit an array of crimes, including ferrying contraband into prisons, with disastrous consequences.

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Aug 6

Heritage Explains: The Trump Economy

This week on the “Heritage Explains” podcast, Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow in Heritage’s Project for Economic Growth, who also served as an economic advisor to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, helps explain the Trump economy. 

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