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5 mins ago

Happy Birthday Edwin Meese

Happy birthday to Attorney General Ed Meese! Heritage’s very own Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, and trustee. 

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Dec 1

U.S.-China Investments and Venture Capital featuring Adam Lysenko

This week on "China Uncovered," host Olivia Enos and Heritage expert Riley Walters interview Adam Lysenko on U.S.-China investment and venture capital. Adam Lysenko is an associate director at Rhodium Group. 

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Dec 1

Return of the Lockdowns with Inez Stepman

When this is all over, will the public school system be able to regain the trust of American families? Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst at the Independent Women's Forum and contributor to The Federalist, joins the "COVID and the Classroom" podcast to discuss this unique moment in American education.

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Dec 1

Trump’s Census Policy Is Both Fundamentally Fair and Legally Sound

"The Supreme Court should be looking only at the constitutional and statutory issues: whether President Donald Trump was within his legal authority to direct that noncitizens in the country illegally be excluded from the population used for congressional apportionment. The policy issue is very important, of course. What the president did was fundamentally fair," writes Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky. 

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Nov 30

SCOTUS 101: Religious Liberty v. COVID

Professor Josh Blackman joins the podcast to discuss the status of religious-liberty challenges to COVID-19 restrictions, the confusion caused in the lower courts by the Chief's opinion in South Bay United Pentecostal Church, and what the Court is likely to do with the two new religious-liberty challenges now pending. 

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Nov 26

Abolish Thanksgiving?

Did you know that some people find Thanksgiving controversial? They believe to celebrate this holiday, or the Pilgrims associated with it, is a celebration of genocide. They think it should be replaced by a "National Day of Mourning" according to The Daily Signal's Jarrett Stepman. This week, on a special Thanksgiving episode we read Stepman's article about why America's future depends on the celebration of Thanksgiving.

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