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9 hrs ago

Drivers of Growing Spending

Federal spending will increase by more than $2.6 trillion through 2029. Three major budget categories—health care, social security, and interest on the debt—will account for 82 percent of this spending growth.

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Aug 21

Tracking Judicial Appointments

Federal judges serve long after the appointing president leaves office, interpreting what the Constitution and statutes mean and deciding cases involving the most important issues of our time. The Judicial Appointment Tracker provides the accurate and reliable data necessary to monitor and evaluate the process for appointing judges to the federal bench.

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Aug 19

Heritage Expert on 'The Ben Shapiro Show'

“Red flag” laws are back in the news. What are these laws? What do they accomplish that existing laws don’t already do? What concerns should law-abiding Americans have about them? Listen to Heritage expert Amy Swearer explain with Ben Shapiro. 

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Aug 19

Greenland Deserves the Attention Trump Is Giving It

"The recent media reports that President Donald Trump is interested in purchasing Greenland for United States has brought the unlikely country into the world’s headlines. Taking advantage of the limelight, Greenland’s government tweeted, 'We’re open for business, not for sale.'"

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Aug 13

Is This the End of a Free Hong Kong?

Riot police took over Hong Kong's International airport today as protests by thousands of anti-government demonstrators cancelled all flights for the second day in a row. Hong Kong's citizens have been protesting for months. So how and why did Hong Kong get itself into this position and is this is the beginning of the end of a free Hong Kong?

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Aug 13

3 Ways Trump’s New Regulations Will Better Protect Endangered Species

"The Trump administration has just taken an important step in the effort to protect threatened and endangered species," writes Heritage expert Daren Bakst. "On Monday, the administration published final regulations that will improve implementation of the Endangered Species Act." 

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