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Heritage Is Leading the Way at CPAC 2018

Feb 22, 2018 1 min read

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23 hrs ago

Heritage's 2018 Marshall Fellows

Heritage has announced its 2018 selections for the esteemed George C. Marshall Fellows Program. The fellowship introduces participants to the skills, knowledge, and attributes that contribute to shaping American grand strategy and leadership by engaging with some of the nation’s foremost intellectuals in national security and foreign policy. This year’s fellows come from a wide variety of backgrounds ...

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Feb 22

SCOTUS 101: All About Clarence Thomas

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates talk about dueling concurrences and the witch hunt against Clarence Thomas. They also chat with former West Virginia SG Elbert Lin. The ladies wrap up with a $10,000 question in Supreme Trivia.

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Feb 21

On the Passing of Rev. Billy Graham

"We mourn the passing of a true friend and leader, Rev. Billy Graham. But we also rejoice that the same Gospel he preached to millions over his lifetime is now the song he will sing and the life he will live for the rest of eternity," said Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James. God used Billy to reach so many, including me ... "

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Feb 21

Heritage Expert Cheers More Obamacare Rollbacks

The Trump Administration today released a proposed rule that would provide relief from limitations President Obama put on short-term, limited duration health insurance policies. Visiting Heritage fellow Doug Badger says "lifting this ban will create new health options at more affordable prices. The Health and Human Services Department should go further and allow consumers and insurers to renew these policies as well as purchase them.”

Feb 16


In this special episode, Elizabeth and Tiffany preview cases coming up at SCOTUS this spring: free speech, internet sales tax, administrative law judges, and more!

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Feb 16

Heritage Explains: Why Making College Free Is a Bad Idea

On Heritage’s “Mass Ave” podcast, Mary Clare Amselem, a policy analyst in Heritage’s Center for Education Policy, talks why free college tuition policies don’t work and how to help Americans stop accumulating so much student loan debt. 

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