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14 hrs ago

Rick Dearborn Joins Heritage as Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Rick A. Dearborn, former White House deputy chief of staff to President Donald Trump, is joining The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow whose scholarship will focus on the issue of federalism. Dearborn’s research will involve developing solutions for the return of power back to the state and local level consistent with the 10th Amendment. He’ll also serve as a counselor to Heritage on educating Executive Branch officials on public policy matters.

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15 hrs ago

SCOTUS 101: A Very Federalist Podcast

John-Michael Seibler joins Elizabeth Slattery to recap recent SCOTUS headlines. And live from the Federalist Society's annual lawyers convention, Elizabeth sits down with Judge Kyle Duncan of the Fifth Circuit Judge. Stay tuned for Supreme Trivia - Fed Soc edition!

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Nov 15

'Brexit Is Definitely Happening'

Heritage expert Nile Gardiner joined "Newsy" this week to talk about the most recent news on Brexit, the importance of the United Kingdom regaining its sovereignty, and the need for true freedom from the European Union. 

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Nov 15

On Trump's Support for the First Step Act

“As a society, we should be committed to providing every opportunity for people in the criminal justice system to change their lives and become productive members of their communities," said Heritage President Kay Coles James in a statement. “The FIRST STEP Act will increase public safety, strengthen families, and give incarcerated people a chance to flourish after they’ve paid their debt to society ... "

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Nov 14

Heritage Launches Innovative Judicial Appointment Tracker

Federal judges serve long after the appointing president leaves office, interpreting what the Constitution and statutes mean and deciding cases involving the most important issues of our time. The Judicial Appointment Tracker provides the accurate and reliable data necessary to monitor and evaluate the process for appointing judges to the federal bench.

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Nov 8

On the Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

"I am grateful for his many years of public service and his unwavering fight to preserve liberty in this country," said Heritage President Kay Coles James. "During his time at the Department of Justice, he focused on priorities important to the American people, including strengthening our borders, protecting religious liberty and freedom of speech, and improving public safety." 

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