Assessing Threats to U.S. Vital Interests

Assessing Threats to U.S. Vital Interests

The Index focuses on three fundamental vital national interests.

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The United States is a global power with global interests.

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Conclusion: Global Threat Level

About Assessing Threats to U.S. Vital Interests

This Index ascertains the relevance and health of military service capabilities by looking at such factors as average age of equipment, generation of equipment relative to the current state of competitor efforts as reported by the services, and the status of replacement programs that are meant to introduce more updated systems as older equipment reaches the end of its programmed service life. While some of the information is quite quantitative, other factors could be considered judgment calls made by acknowledged experts in the relevant areas of interest or as ad-dressed by senior service officials when providing testimony to Congress or addressing specific areas in other official statements.


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