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6 mins ago

HHS Study on ACA Premiums Step in Right Direction

Last night, HHS released a study on Obamacare premiums. Heritage expert Drew Gonshorowski says the study illustrates the obvious of the Affordable Care Act—that health insurance premiums have and continue to rise drastically. “Many comparisons such as this have been done in the past and all are imperfect representations. In this case however, HHS takes a step in the right direction."

22 hrs ago

Cutting Through the Media Rhetoric

"What's missing from the headlines is the economic growth that this budget could bring about," says Heritage's Romina Boccia about the President Trump's budget proposal on CNBC's "Closing Bell."  

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May 23

On Tragic Manchester Terror Attack

Following tonight's tragic and cowardly terror attack in Manchester, Heritage's Robin Simcox says this continues to be a major problem for British counterterrorism and law enforcement officials. "Even though the U.K. has world class security services, this is a numbers game—and the amount of terror suspects in the U.K. is so high that it is impossible for authorities to be able to keep track of everyone that is of concern,” says Simcox. 

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May 22

This Week in Brussels

President Trump has an opportunity to lead on important issues facing NATO. The U.S. must renew its leadership role in NATO, including reinforcing and strengthening measures decided upon at the Warsaw Summit to bolster collective defense; press allies to commit to robust defense spending and proper investment in equipment; reaffirm commitment to NATO’s open-door policy in Brussels; and renew NATO’s commitment to support the ongoing Resolute Support mission. 

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May 19

Trump's Budget Cuts

President Trump’s budget is expected to call for an end to the Community Development Block Grant program. The New York Times reports that the program has helped people, but Heritage expert Robert Rector says "The program is largely a slush fund for large urban cities.”

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May 18

FCC to Revisit Obama-Era Internet Rules

Today’s vote by the FCC is welcome news. They voted to revisit the Obama-era rules which expanded government authority into the internet. Chairman Pai’s leadership has been instrumental in beginning to rein in the overreaches of the Obama administration, restoring freedom and providing greater access to the internet. Government involvement in the internet almost universally slows innovation and performance. Rolling back these regulations permanently will not be easy, but if done right, it will ensure an open and free internet for years to come.