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12 hrs ago

Applying Lessons From the Healthcare Debate

“To enact sweeping tax reform Republicans are currently pushing for, they’ll have to employ a drastically different tactic than the one they're using for ObamaCare repeal, all the while using the exact same parliamentary process,” writes Heritage expert Tommy Binion. 

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Jul 18

We Must Repeal Obamacare and Stop the Damage

Every day that goes by that Congress does not repeal Obamacare hurts Americans and further damages our health system. The Senate needs to focus on repeal to undo Obamacare’s damage and commit itself to the hard work of replacing it with a system that actually works for Americans.

Jul 17

The Persistent Problem of Voter Fraud

Some Americans believe voter fraud is essentially a non-issue. They insist voting irregularities seldom occur and are almost always accidental. Hard evidence, however, proves this is wishful thinking. Voter fraud is a more widespread, frequent and serious problem than many people are willing to admit. Heritage recently updated its Voter Fraud Database which now as a total of 1,071 instances of voter fraud cataloged.

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Jul 13

House Armed Services Committee Shares Heritage Report

"As the House debates the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act this week, the conservative Heritage Foundation has just released an influential report that argues defense spending should be 'sized to our obligations' and underwrite the capabilities needed to meet those obligations," writes the House Armed Services Committee Defense Drumbeat. 

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Jul 13

Feeding Washington's Circus

Big internet service providers are planning a net neutrality online protest today. Heritage expert James Gattuso says that at this point, “There is no telling how or when the net neutrality battle will end. But one thing is clear: The current law’s ambiguous terminology reduces predictability and accountability online. That only feeds the three-ring circus, and that’s unfortunate. Washington has more than enough clowns already.”

Jul 12

Delay in August Recess

"This is great news because they wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t think they could get Obamacare repealed in those two weeks,” says Tommy Binion, director of Heritage's Congressional and Executive Branch Relations. 

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