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Ebola: The Basics

Ebola: The Basics

The spread of the Ebola virus raises public health concerns in the United States and abroad.

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on Legal Issues

Overview of the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 2014 Term

Anyone who uses Facebook, pays taxes, or drives a car, should take note. Read More

on Democracy and Human Rights

The U.S. Must Support Democracy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s freest economy and has been for many years Read More

on Terrorism

A Framework for an Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIS

The United States must do what it traditionally has done: lead. Read More

The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity

The Index of Culture and Opportunity tracks key social and economic indicators. Read More

2014 Federal Budget in Pictures

View, share, and embed the charts on your website. Read More

2014 Index of Economic Freedom

Find out how economically free we really are. Read More