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2015 Index of Economic Freedom

2015 Index of Economic Freedom

Find out how economically free we really are

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on Health Care

Obamacare Exchanges: Measuring Choice and Competition

Still worse than before the ACA. Read More

on Caribbean

How Congress Should Respond to the President’s Radical Change in Cuba Policy

Choosing to normalize relations with Cuba will not advance U.S. interests. Read More

on Asia and the Pacific

Time to Get North Korean Sanctions Right

They are an important and variable component of foreign policy. Read More

on Budget and Spending

Federal Spending by the Numbers 2014

In 2014, federal spending reached $3.5 trillion and the deficit was $486 billion. Read More

The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity

The Index of Culture and Opportunity tracks key social and economic indicators. Read More

2014 Federal Budget in Pictures

View, share, and embed the charts on your website. Read More