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4 hrs ago

Welcome News on WOTUS

This afternoon, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers announced that they will be proposing a new rule to repeal the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. “The EPA should be commended for repealing the federal power grab known as WOTUS. For too long, both the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers have sought to use the Clean Water Act as a way to regulate not just water, but land as well," said Heritage expert Daren Bakst.

9 hrs ago

Mass Ave Episode 111: Reorganize, Restructure, Reform

This week, Rachel Greszler, a Heritage research fellow in economics, encourages Trump and Congress to work together to restructure the executive branch. Also, Drew Gonshorowski, a senior policy analyst in Heritage's Center for Data Analysis, explains why the health care debate should center less around coverage loss and more around decreasing premiums.

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Jun 26

SCOTUS Takes Up Religious Liberty

“After waiting a year to take action, we are delighted the Supreme Court has decided to hear this important case. James Madison wrote that “[c]onscience is the most sacred of all property,” and we hope the Court will uphold the conscience rights of Jack Phillips and of all Americans.” – Heritage expert, Tiffany Bates

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Jun 26

A Win for Trinity Lutheran

"The Supreme Court recognized that states cannot discriminate against churches when giving out public benefits. Churches do not have to give up their religious identity in order to compete against secular organizations for state funds," says Heritage expert Elizabeth Slattery. "The state claimed it was trying to avoid violating the Establishment Clause. Seven members of the Supreme Court rejected that argument." 

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Jun 23

SCOTUS 101: Fighting Words

Seventy-five years after the 'fighting words' case, where does the Supreme Court stand on offensive speech? Heritage experts discuss. Also, Cato Institute's Ilya Shapiro joins in to talk banned band names and explain why this bench might be the most pro-free speech SCOTUS yet.

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Jun 22

On the Senate Health Bill

“Overall, the Senate bill is better than Obamacare because it contains provisions to reduce insurance premiums and promote access to insurance in the short run; cut taxes; and provide major Medicaid reform that will help refocus the program to those most in need,” says Heritage expert Bob Moffit. “The Senate should go further by expanding states’ options to encourage continuous coverage and by providing additional Medicaid reforms.”

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