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Preserve the Constitution 2015 Event Series

Join us LIVE at The Heritage Foundation as some of the nation's most respected judges, scholars, lawyers, and policy analysts provide their insights and perspectives on the big issues of the day. Read More

on Health Care

Congress Must End Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood

Congress should redirect funds to health centers that provide care for women without entanglement in abortion or questionable handling of baby parts. Read More

on Agriculture

The Government Should Stop Limiting the Sale of Certain Fruits and Vegetables

Agricultural policy should not be dominated by policies that divorce farmers and ranchers from the free market. Read More

on Welfare and Welfare Spending

Poverty in the US and Other Nations

When private-sector contributions to retirement, health care, and education are added to the count, social welfare spending in the U.S. dwarfs that of other affluent nations. Read More

on Alliances

10 Reasons to Rethink US Support for British Membership of the European Union

The US would be well advised to consider its own interests carefully and not to continue Obama's unthinking support for the EU. Read More

on Political Thought

Alexander Hamilton and American Foreign Policy

Hamilton's approach can do justice to both American principles and American interests. Read More

on Regulation

Bits and Pieces: The Digital World of Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin is a technological innovation with the potential to benefit millions of people. Policymakers should prevent burdensome regulations that single out Bitcoin’s development... Read More