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5 mins ago

The President Is Right on Afghanistan

An Afghanistan that is free, stable and governable is in America's best interest. Achieving that end can only be achieved with results on the ground--not by a calendar set by political expediency, and it can only be achieved by resetting America’s strategy in South Asia. The president was right to make a commitment to the American people to do the job right, and should remain committed to enhancing security in the region in the coming years.

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17 hrs ago

Mass Ave Episode 119: “Eclipse it!”

This week, Heritage expert Arthur Milikh, Associate Director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, gives a powerful, in-depth interview about the current state of free speech on college campuses. Milikh also touches on recent backlash against conservative speakers, and why we should still be optimistic. 

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Aug 21

Some Bad Ideas Never Die

Considering negative security developments—which include increased ballistic missile and nuclear threats from North Korea, increased assertiveness of the Iranian regime flush with the Obama administration’s cash, as well China and Russia’s massive nuclear weapons modernization programs—the United States cannot afford bad ideas like a no first use policy.

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Aug 18

Robin Simcox on Fox News' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

Spain was hit by its worst terrorist attack in more than a decade yesterday, when a van driver plowed into dozens of people, killing at least 13 people. Heritage’s Robin Simcox says jihadists have been doing these kinds of attacks for years. 

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Aug 17

Big Government Policies That Hurt

Federal food policies intentionally drive up prices, often to help big-business special interests. The federal sugar program is a prime example. By intentionally restricting the supply of sugar, the federal government makes sugar more expensive. “Big Sugar” profits from this, but this hidden tax costs consumers an estimated $3.5 billion a year.

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Aug 14

Mass Ave Episode 118: North Korea Threat

This week, Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, discusses the escalating tension with North Korea and unpacks the security risks. Also, Olivia Enos, a policy analyst in Heritage's Asian Studies Center, gives insight into the human rights angle of the situation, including the impact on refugees and prisoners.

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