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Administrative Amnesty

Administrative Amnesty

Unjust, costly, and an incentive for more illegal immigration.

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on Immigration

Immigration Working Group Recommendations Fall Short

Some of the recommendations are sound, others fall short, and some recycle flawed ideas. Read More

on Health Care

New Obamacare Enrollment Data

Employer-based coverage declines. Read More

on Immigration

Children Illegally Crossing the U.S. Border: Responding Requires Policy Changes

The issue of immigration has been dominated by the influx of unaccompanied alien children. Read More

The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity

The Index of Culture and Opportunity tracks key social and economic indicators. Read More

2014 Federal Budget in Pictures

View, share, and embed the charts on your website. Read More

2014 Index of Economic Freedom

Find out how economically free we really are. Read More