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Solutions 2016

An arsenal of today’s best conservative policy recommendations for those fighting on the front lines of American political life, whether by running for office or simply being an active citizen in their community. Read More

on Energy and Environment

Paris Climate Promise: A Bad Deal for America

The executive branch’s attempt to bypass the senate with the Paris Agreement will set a dangerous precedent if congress does not intervene. Read More

on Rule of Law

The Will of the People: American Attitudes and Support

Recent research has found that 77% think government in the U.S. is broken. Read More

on Immigration

Patriotic Assimilation is Vital in a Land of Immigrants

A historical understanding of how the United States has dealt with both immigration and ethnic diversity for centuries. Read More

on Terrorism

The 81st Terrorist Plot Against the U.S. Since 2001

As the violent influence of terrorism spreads and strikes at state and local communities, the U.S. and its allies must stay vigilant in countering it. Read More

on Terrorism

Combatting the ISIS Foreign Fighter Pipeline

A multi-pronged and international approach to cutting off the flow of foreign fighters to the Islamic State. Read More

on Political Thought

John Marshall: The Great Chief Justice

Chief Justice Marshall gave a clear voice to the nations laws, keeping with the design the Framers had stamped on them. Read More

Time to Fully Implement U.S. Laws on North Korea

It is time for the Obama Administration to abandon its policy of timid incrementalism and fully implement existing U.S. laws by imposing stronger sanctions on North Korea and to work with Congress to determine additional measures. Read More