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Undercover Videos Show Why We Must Defund Planned Parenthood

An op-ed from Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. Read More

on Iran

Truth as the Victim of Kerry’s Promise to Iran

John Kerry made an unusual promise to the Islamic Republic of Iran: All senior Obama Administration officials will make every effort to support the Iran deal in their public statements. Read More

on Entitlements

Social Security: $39 Billion Deficit in 2014, Insolvent by 2035

The sooner lawmakers address Social Security’s massive and growing cash-flow deficits, the lower the burden will be on current and future workers. Read More

Available Now: The Future of Marriage and Religious Liberty

Heritage Foundation scholar Ryan T. Anderson deconstructs the decision and provides a roadmap for pro-marriage Americans. Read More

Terrorist Plot 72: Congress Must Address Rising Threat

2015 has had more terrorist plots than any other year since 9/11. Read More

on Health Care

States Should Start Planning Now for the Post-ACA World

The ACA remains unworkable, unaffordable, and unfair, which is why it also remains unpopular. Thus, Congress will likely, sooner or later, repeal and replace the ACA’s major components. Read More