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Dec 14

Scrapping Net Neutrality

"Today’s vote by the FCC is a major win for consumers and a victory in keeping government bureaucrats out of the business of regulating internet content. Since 2015, net neutrality rules have significantly hindered innovation and discouraged needed investments," said Heritage expert James Gattuso. "The FCC recognized what all Americans know to be true: out of control government regulation hurts consumers, the economy and our society."

Dec 14

SCOTUS 101: Shackles, Wife-Swapping & Festivus

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates talk about SCOTUS’s final orders of 2017 (the justices will hear a case dealing with shackling criminal defendants but won’t hear cases on sexual orientation discrimination or wife-swapping). They’re joined by Georgia Court of Appeals Chief Judge Stephen Dillard. They also play Supreme Trivia – Winter Holiday Edition.

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Dec 13

What is 'Parity' Budget Spending?

For every dollar you spend on groceries, do you spend another dollar on clothes? When you write your monthly check for rent or mortgage, do you feel compelled to run to the gas station and spend just as much on gas? Of course not. It makes no sense to peg one to the other. But this is what the Democrats are demanding in the latest budget negotiations. They call it parity. 

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Dec 12

Mass Ave Episode 134: Tax Reform, Federal Spending & Jerusalem

This week, Heritage expert Romina Boccia discusses the latest on tax reform and federal spending. Also, Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs Jim Phillips breaks down the President's announcement on Jerusalem and why it's long overdue.

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Dec 7

Busting Budget Caps

Congress is considering another budget-cap-busting deal, increasing spending by $182 billion over this year and next. This deal would be bigger than the three previous deals combined. Congress should not bust the spending caps and prioritize defense spending with the spending limit enacted in the 2011 Budget Control Act law.

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Dec 7

SCOTUS 101: Sports Betting, Wedding Cakes & Lots of Bananas

This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about SCOTUS advocates’ pre-argument rituals. They're also joined by Alliance Defending Freedom's Jordan Lorence to talk about the wedding cake case.

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