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Heritage Foundation Statement on Unauthorized Data Breach

Heritage Foundation spokesman Wesley Denton issued the following statement... Read More

The debt limit is back — What now?

Congress should eliminate waste wherever possible and make commonsense reforms that modernize outdated entitlement programs. Read More

on Labor

Right-to-Work Laws Don't Lower Wages

A forthcoming Heritage Foundation Backgrounder finds that, when living costs are taken into account, private-sector workers in RTW states enjoy real wages equivalent to those in non-RTW states. Read More

on China

Washington, China, and the Rise of the Renminbi: Are the Dollar’s Days as the Global Reserve Currency Numbered?

The fate of the dollar’s status and all it means to American prestige and global leadership is in America’s hands. Read More

on Energy and Environment

4 Big Problems with Obama's Clean Power Plan

Members of Congress, state politicians, and the general public should be concerned. Read More

on American Leadership

Why the Iran Deal Increases the Risk of War

"No deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East," President Obama says. His critics disagree. They think it will make war more likely. So which is it?
Read More