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29 mins ago

DeMint on Canceled AHCA Vote

“As a broad spectrum of conservative policy experts have been explaining for weeks, the House health care bill was a perfect marriage of bad policy, bad process and bad politics. Since the day it was introduced, this was presented as a false choice of this bill or nothing, and that strategy was proven very wrong..." said Heritage President Jim DeMint following the canceled vote for the American Health Care Act.

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2 hrs ago

Broad Conservative Criticism Mounts Against GOP Health Bill

As lawmakers furiously debate the American Health Care Act, a growing number of health policy experts and other conservatives are sounding their concerns with the policies and passage process for the House GOP health bill. Key among those concerns is that the bill leaves too much of Obamacare in place, primarily the regulations and mandates that imposed news rules on health insurance markets...

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3 hrs ago

Gorsuch Completes Senate Hearing

Judge Neil Gorsuch began his road to confirmation this week. He was subjected to hours of questioning and testimony before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. "Judge Gorsuch showed why he will make an excellent Supreme Court justice,” said Elizabeth Slattery, a legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation. The committee expects a vote on Monday, April 3.

Mar 23

Keystone XL: Better Late Than Never

“The State Department’s approval of Keystone XL re-establishes some certainty and sanity to a permitting process that was hijacked by political pandering," says Heritage expert Nick Loris. "This is a shovel-ready infrastructure project that will create thousands of construction jobs and safely deliver more oil to American refineries, lowering prices at the pump for families. The phrase ‘better late than never’ certainly applies here.” 

Mar 23

Peace Through Strength

Today is the 34th anniversary of Reagan’s famous Strategic Defense Initiative. In his speech, Reagan famously said, “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression,” and called on the U.S. to continue modernizing and reinvesting in our conventional and nuclear capabilities. The Trump Administration will have a unique opportunity to reverse President Obama’s ill-founded nuclear weapons policies. Heritage expert Michaela Dodge outlines those steps. 

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Mar 23

Recommitting the US to European Security

Europe is less secure today than it was when President Obama entered office in 2009. The responsibilities for these failures do not rest only with the United States: Washington cannot help Europe if Europe does not help itself. Heritage recently outlined steps Europe and the United States can take to fight terrorism. 

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