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23 hrs ago

Making NATO Great Again

NATO has provided peace and stability for its member states since its inception in 1949. This was achieved because the countries of the security alliance had real military capabilities that they could leverage in defense of other member states. Weak defense spending by European NATO members threatens to undermine the collective security guarantee and play into Vladimir Putin’s hands. The upcoming Brussels mini-summit is therefore a great opportunity for NATO members to recommit themselves to their treaty obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty.

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Apr 27

On Improving NAFTA

Media reports yesterday afternoon indicated that the Trump administration was fine-tuning an executive order that would withdraw the U.S. from NAFTA. However, late last night the President held a phone call with the leaders of Canada and Mexico indicating that he has no intentions to withdraw from the trade deal. Heritage expert Bryan Riley says that NAFTA has been good for the U.S. since it took effect in 1996, and renegotiation—if done right—could benefit American interests and free-up trade.

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Apr 26

Trump Provides Solid Start on Taxes

The President’s plan is a great starting point. Now, the President and Congress must work together to finally update our broken tax system. If Congress and the President take hold of this significant opportunity, and follow the outline above, their efforts could result in one of the greatest tax reductions in American history – allowing American families to keep more of the money they earn, instead of sending it to Washington.

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Apr 26

Who’s in Charge Here?

"While the possibility of a shutdown may get the most hype, it is the missed opportunity of Republicans to start reforming the nation’s debt that should grab the attention of voters," writes Heritage President Jim DeMint in The Hill. "In the fourth month of unified government, Republicans are waiting until the very last minute to debate their spending priorities. Instead of using this window to address critical spending reforms ..."

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Apr 25

Baseless Sanctuary City Order Defies Common Sense

Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky says "This order by an Obama judge once again goes outside the law and prior precedent and interferes in the president's, and specifically the attorney general's discretion over the awarding of grants for law enforcement purposes. The judge's claim that the AG cannot deny grants to cities that actively obstruct enforcement of federal law has no basis in the law and defies common sense.” 

Apr 25

Protestors at Heritage

Earlier this morning, liberal activists stormed our offices on Capitol Hill to protest Heritage’s Blueprint for Balance and our recommendations to the Trump administration. The Heritage Foundation and conservatives across the country will not be bullied or silenced by staged protestors backed by progressive special interest groups connected to George Soros.

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