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Citizens, Not Judges, Should Determine Future of Marriage

Citizens, Not Judges, Should Determine Future of Marriage

It’s important to realize what the justices are actually being asked to settle.

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on Environmental Protection Agency

What You Need to Know About the EPA/Corps Water Rule

It’s a power grab and an attack on property rights. Read More

in Lehrman Auditorium

Our Lost Constitution

The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document Read More

2015 Federal Budget in Pictures

The Heritage Foundation's Federal Budget in Pictures offers a unique tool to learn about the federal budget in a clear and compelling way. Read More

The Index is an annual assessment of the state of America’s “hard power,” the geographic and functional environments relevant to the United States’ vital national interests. Read More

The Budget Book

The 114th Congress has an opportunity and obligation to stop Washington’s taxpayer-financed spending spree. Read More

2015 Index of Economic Freedom

Find out how economically free we really are Read More