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on Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks on U.S. Companies Since November 2014

This year, companies saw an average of 160 successful cyber attacks per week, more than three times the 2010 average of 50 per week. Read More


House Must Block New Water Rule

The Senate passed a bill to block the EPA's rule that would seek to regulate almost every water “body” in the nation. The House needs to follow suit. Read More


House Passes Bailout for Highways

Congress will be back in the same spot in a few years, but with an even larger hole in the trust fund’s finances to deal with. Read More

on Trade

Areas of Concern in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

All 30 chapters will require careful scrutiny by Congress to determine its actual impact on trade. For those who believe in the free market, concerns about regulatory overreach must be front and center. Read More

on National Security and Defense

The Rising Tide of Migrants and Refugees

The US can both help refugees and keep the homeland safe - if the government is able to implement a clear plan that minimizes risks and leverages resources. Read More

on National Security and Defense

Reversing the Decline in U.S. Power

A strategy to guide the next President of the United States in their first years. Read More

How Planned Parenthood Calculates Claims on Abortions

They claim that abortions account for only 3% of the medical services they provide but their definition of "medical service" is broad. Read More

on Economy

Mismanagement of Ex-Im Bank Invites Fraud

Authorities have documented problems with the banks operations, including mismanagement, dysfunction, fraud, and corruption. Read More