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May 19

Trump's Budget Cuts

President Trump’s budget is expected to call for an end to the Community Development Block Grant program. The New York Times reports that the program has helped people, but Heritage expert Robert Rector says "The program is largely a slush fund for large urban cities.”

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May 18

FCC to Revisit Obama-Era Internet Rules

Today’s vote by the FCC is welcome news. They voted to revisit the Obama-era rules which expanded government authority into the internet. Chairman Pai’s leadership has been instrumental in beginning to rein in the overreaches of the Obama administration, restoring freedom and providing greater access to the internet. Government involvement in the internet almost universally slows innovation and performance. Rolling back these regulations permanently will not be easy, but if done right, it will ensure an open and free internet for years to come.

May 18

Public Debt at 66-Year High

Due to unchecked federal spending, publicly held federal debt is at its highest level since World War II and is projected to nearly double in 30 years.

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May 17

Fixing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

“Crumbling roads, decrepit bridges, obsolete airports. Politicians often paint a hyperbolic picture of America in disrepair. It helps drum up support for a politically appealing twofer offer: to fix the nation’s aging infrastructure and put Americans back to work. It sounds good. But history shows that big-spending programs typically produce lackluster results for both infrastructure quality and job creation,” says Heritage expert Michael Sargent.  

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May 16

Let the Great Debate Begin

This week on "Mass Ave" we talk about President Trump's first overseas visit. Also, Heritage expert Melanie Israel looks at the state of play with Planned Parenthood funding.

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May 15

What To Do About North Korea

Everything that is being proposed today as the basis for future negotiations with North Korea has already been offered, tried, and failed. Some experts assert that the U.S. should return to negotiations since North Korea will otherwise continue augmenting its nuclear arsenal. However, Pyongyang has repeatedly demonstrated that it continues to build weapons during negotiations, even after signing agreements to abandon its nuclear programs. The United States must continue putting strategic pressure on the rogue nation.

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