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20 hrs ago

After Death of Otto Warmbier

The unjust treatment of Otto Warmbier–from his initial detention, to his sentencing and subsequent poor medical treatment–is reflective of the brutality of the Kim regime. Warmbier is far from the first American (or foreigner, for that matter) detained in North Korea. In fact, Kim’s brutal regime still holds three Americans captive today. It's time for the U.S. to get tougher on North Korea.

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Jun 20

Mass Ave Episode 110: Understanding Trumpism

This week, Heritage expert Mike Gonzalez explains how to free the Cuban people from communism and discusses Trump's reversal of the Obama administration's policy toward Cuba. Also, Heritage's David Azerrad talks about Trumpism, what it means, and where it fits with conservative intellectualism.

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Jun 19

An Ugly Rumble in Raqqa

On Sunday, a U.S. Navy fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane near Raqqa after it dropped bombs on U.S. backed fighters. It is the first time a U.S. aircraft has shot down a “hostile manned aircraft” in more than a decade. This show of force comes at a time when the noose is tightening on ISIS’ neck in Raqqa. 

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Jun 16

A Message to the Castro Family

“President Trump's plan to fix the problems created by the Obama administration in Cuba is a much-needed first step toward true reform," says Heritage expert Mike Gonzalez. "The facts are undeniable: in return for President Obama's unilateral concessions, the Cuban dictatorship has stepped up the oppression of its people, drastically ramping up religious intimidation and political repression... "

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Jun 16

Heritage's 'Unparalleled Influence'

"It is no secret on where the Trump administration is getting their ideas," writes The Guardian. "They are running a systematic playbook put together by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that has been around since the 1980s…. Their main office is just steps from the United States Capitol and the halls of Congress, where they wield unparalleled influence." 

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Jun 15

Dennis Rodman was in North Korea Again

In this week's episode of "Mass Ave" we discuss Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea with Heritage expert Bruce Klingner. Also, a quick update on the latest news from Capitol Hill and what we should know about the debt ceiling.

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