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6 mins ago

Shunning the Shutdown

Money to fund the government runs out in just four days. Does the GOP have a plan to cut spending? "The GOP has so little credibility on spending that the Democrats–the party that during the Obama years added $1 trillion in taxes and grew the deficit by a breathtaking $9 trillion–or 86 percent–are now more trusted to spend taxpayer money," writes Heritage's Rachel Bovard. 

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Apr 20

Flip-Flop on the Export-Import Bank

Heritage expert Diane Katz writes that "the president has made a huge mistake on Ex-Im, but it isn’t too late for him to change direction—back to where he was in the first place.” 

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Apr 19

'Hire American' and the H-1b Visa Program

"The H-1B visa program has been an important tool for many businesses looking to fill critical vacancies when there is a skill shortage," write's Heritage expert David Kreutzer in The Hill. "However, the mechanism for assigning the visas threatens to turn the program into something better described as “Mega Minions” — a lottery where lucky employers get to bring in workers whose skill set isn’t that rare but will work for lower wages."

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Apr 18

Time to Say ‘Au Revoir’ to Paris Climate Deal

Today, senior policy advisors in the Trump Administration will meet to hash out conflicting views on the United States continued involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement. Heritage expert, Nick Loris, says it's time to say “au revoir” to the Paris deal. The restrictions imposed by the agreement will drastically increase American’s power bills, kill economic growth and jobs. The high price tag of Paris will generate meaningless climate benefits. 

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Apr 17

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

When Americans file their taxes, it's natural to wonder, "Where do my tax dollars go? What do they fund? And what don't they fund?" According to the latest CBO report on the distribution of federal taxes, Washington collects about $20,000 from the average household. Yet the 2016 deficit was a whopping $587 billion. The almost $3.3 trillion that the federal government taxes out of the economy each year isn't enough to satiate its profligate spending.

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Apr 13

Why Did America Drop the Mother of All Bombs?

"There is the glib answer: Because we can. Then there is the technical answer: Because it was right for the job," writes Heritage expert James Carafano. "The U.S. military on Thursday dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb, the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, on an ISIS target in eastern Afghanistan. The bomb, which weighs 21,600 lbs and extends 30 feet long, had never before been used in combat..."

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