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22 hrs ago

Taming Wild Regulators

President Trump’s executive order instructing the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to reevaluate the Waters of the United States rule is welcomed news to property owners across the country, from farmers to families, who want to use their land as they see fit. WOTUS’ overreach is a perfect example of how Washington bureaucrats ignored the law and sought to expand their power while trampling on private property rights and state authority. 

Feb 28

How to Prevent Another 'Great Recession'

Passed after the 2008 financial crisis, Dodd-Frank, was supposed to fix the problems that led to the collapse. In reality, the law does nothing of the sort. Lawmakers should focus now on repealing Dodd-Frank and replacing it with reforms that would fix the core regulatory problems that have existed for decades. Heritage expert Dr. Norbert Michel layouts a way of doing that in a new project called Prosperity Unleashed.

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Feb 23

Find us at CPAC

Thousands of conservatives will travel to the Washington, D.C., area this week for the 43rd annual Conservative Political Action Conference. The Heritage Foundation, a presenting sponsor, will have a strong presence at CPAC. Jim DeMint, will speak Thursday at 10:45 a.m. from the event’s main stage. Heritage will have nine other speakers address CPAC over the course of three days.

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Feb 23

Dignity, Privacy, and Safety For Everyone

The Trump administration is doing the right thing in correcting President Barack Obama’s unlawful overreach, which imposed a one-sided solution on all 50 states. If it acts as expected, parents and teachers in local schools can work to find win-win solutions that protect the dignity, privacy, and safety of all students.

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Feb 21

On Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

General McMaster is an extraordinary choice for the position of national security advisor. He is one of the most respected Army officers serving, and is both a scholar and a gifted strategist. His willingness to speak truth to power will also serve him and the administration well in the days ahead. He is passionate about protecting America’s national security, and will bring drive and discipline to the national security process. 

Feb 18

Heritage Mourns Michael Novak

"Michael Novak’s clear thinking, sparkling writing and self-deprecating humor inspired all who knew him to love him. To love him for whom he was, and how he had become himself... " —Heritage Foundation Founder, Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.

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