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Tax Reform Means a Raise for Average Americans

Adam Michel

Oct 21, 2017 2 min read

Heritage’s Perspective

9 hrs ago

Mass Ave Episode 127: Tax Reform and Trump at the Heritage Foundation's President's Club

This week, Heritage expert Adam Michel discusses the latest on tax reform. He also reflects on Speaker Ryan and President Trump’s recent remarks at Heritage events. Our ‘Ask the Expert’ segment features co-host Tommy Binion who looks into the role GOP leadership has been playing in the legislative agenda.

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Oct 20

What President Trump Can Learn From Singapore Next Week

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will visit Washington next week. He is the fourth Southeast Asian leader to meet President Donald Trump. Key topics of discussion are likely to be economics, China, and North Korea. As President Trump prepares for his trip to Asia next month, he can learn a great deal from Prime Minister Lee.

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Oct 19

President Trump Praises Heritage in Speech at President's Club Meeting

"Your organization is named The Heritage Foundation because you understand our glorious heritage is the foundation of everything we hope to achieve," said President Donald Trump. Watch the White House highlight video on his remarks. 

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Oct 19

Heritage Mourns the Death of Richard Odermatt

"The Heritage Foundation has lost its longest serving employee and one of its dearest friends. Richard Odermatt, our Director of Research Editing, was one of the most erudite men in Washington, profoundly talented, and blessed with a gentle, loving soul," said Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner. "Richard possessed an endless range of knowledge and the ability to give attention to the smallest detail—qualities that made him the most talented research editor I have ever known."

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Oct 19

SCOTUS 101: Will Trump Name 3 New SCOTUS Nominees?

This week, Elizabeth Slattery & Tiffany Bates are talking about recent speeches by Kagan and Sotomayor, a few cases the Court declined to hear, and a new book about the Notorious RBG's workout routine. They also interview Pratik Shah, and Elizabeth tries to stump Tiffany in a round of "Supreme Trivia."

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Oct 19

5 Ways Republicans Could Ruin Tax Reform

Policymakers want to unleash economic growth in America by fixing our broken tax system. Or so they say. Now that the conversation has moved beyond just lowering tax rates, pro-growth tax reform is in danger of losing the stuff that actually makes it pro-growth. That’s because policymakers are caving to big-government advocates and other special interests. Here are the top five worst ideas that would surely dampen pro-growth tax reform ...

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