School Board Training

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School Board Training

Empowering Families and Putting Kids First

The status quo in your school system wasn’t working. You saw the need for new leadership with a different vision for education. You stepped up to the plate and ran for school board—and you won! Now your role as a school board member brings a new set of challenges and opportunities—and the learning curve can be steep. But you don’t have to navigate this new territory alone.

The Heritage Foundation is pleased to offer training designed especially to help you succeed in your new role as a school board member. Experienced schoolboard leaders and education policy experts from across the country have teamed up to share the knowledge and information you need for immediate effectiveness. Designed for busy board members and parents, this training is available on demand so that you can learn at your convenience and at your own pace.

This series of 14 on-demand training videos is packed with tools, tips, and resources that cover the full range of insights and answers that school board members need to hit the ground running. Critical topics include:

  • What Is Every School Board’s Primary Mission and Purpose
  • How to Understand and Navigate School Board Finance
  • How to Spot Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology in K-12 Curricula
  • Know Your Parental Rights
  • How to Use Your Authority to Increase Education Transparency and Accountability
  • How to Operate Successfully When You’re in the Minority
  • The Value of a Parental Bill of Rights to Safeguard Families
  • School Safety and Discipline Policies
  • How to Proactively Shape the Agenda and Drive Change

…and much more!

Get on-demand access to this training right now for the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to succeed.


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The Heritage Foundation provides this training in furtherance of our educational mission to formulate and promote conservative public policy. Heritage does not support or oppose candidates for public office, and this training is provided without regard to political affiliation.  The content is not intended as legal advice.