Tucker Carlson Wins Heritage's Salvatori Prize for Citizenship


Tucker Carlson Wins Heritage's Salvatori Prize for Citizenship

Jun 18, 2018

Tucker Carlson accepts the Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship.

The Heritage Foundation awarded its 2018 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship to journalist Tucker Carlson for his work protecting and advancing American values.

“At a time when the press has become doctrinaire and is afraid to discuss what really ails America, Tucker Carlson is one of the very few prominent journalists who hosts genuine debates and who challenges the pieties of both the Left and the Right,” said David Azerrad, director of Heritage’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics.

“Thanks to his courage and insightful probing, citizens of our republic can still find a public forum where the most serious questions confronting the country can be discussed thoughtfully,” said Azerrad, who presented Carlson with the award at Heritage’s 41st annual Resource Bank event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Carlson is known for his Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and as co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller. Carlson was also a former host of MSNBC's “Tucker” and co-hosted CNN's "Crossfire."

“I think there’s inherent value in speaking principle out loud without shame or fear. And again, without the expectation that you’re going to win people over right away, because most times you’re not going to,” Carlson said in an interview with The Daily Signal’s editor-in-chief, Rob Bluey.

The Salvatori Prize is given annually to an individual, or organization that embodies and advances the virtues of The American Founding. It is given under the namesake of Henry Salvatori, who was an immigrant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and dedicated conservative activist.

Previous recipients include the The Washington Free Beacon, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Green and Hahns families and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson.