SCOTUS 101: Feeling Blue


SCOTUS 101: Feeling Blue

Jul 21, 2017 1 min read

Commentary By

Tiffany Bates @TiffanyHBates

Former Legal Policy Analyst at The Heritage Foundation

Elizabeth Slattery @EHSlattery

Former Legal Fellow and Appellate Advocacy Program Manager

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This week...

  • Every aspect of the judicial appointment process is a battle between two competing views of what judges ought to do. Senate staffer Tom Jipping explains what vacancies, nominations, and politics have to do with fighting this battle - and how numerous judicial vacancies give President Trump the opportunity to fill the federal court system with judges who uphold the better view.
  • Tom, Tiffany, and Elizabeth discuss the controversial blue slip process, which allows Senators to submit favorable or unfavorable opinions of a judicial nominee from their home state. The tradition can be used effectively, particularly for district and circuit courts, but Tom warns Senators not to treat their slips as absolute vetos.   

For some background...

  • Learn more about the confirmation process for presidential nominees, and how Justice Gorsuch's confirmation compared to other SCOTUS ones.
  • Brush up your blue slip know-how with thoughts from Elizabeth on the tradition's purpose and dangers.

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