Creative Destruction and the Conservative Movement

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Creative Destruction and the Conservative Movement

Nov 30, 2022 1 min read
Kevin D. Roberts, PhD


Heritage Trustee since 2023
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It is clearer than ever: American institutions are in decay, and something needs to be done about them if we are going to save this country. The good news is that Americans still value competent leadership.

Chris Rufo joins Kevin to tackle the pressing issues our country faces: conservatives winning elections, rebuilding decaying institutions, and developing new institutions to meet the demands of modern America.

Christopher Rufo is a senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute. He is also a contributing editor of City Journal and writes on the issues of critical race theory (CRT), gender ideology, and urban decay.

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As a former college professor and current president of The Heritage Foundation, America’s most influential policy organization, Dr. Roberts has spent his career learning, educating, and taking decisive action for a brighter America. He believes that conservatives have every reason to be hopeful, because conservative ideas are ideas that work. It’s time to go on offense.

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