The President’s Message

The President’s Message

The Heritage Foundation is fighting for America.

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The radical left and the rising tide of socialism pose a dire threat to America’s future. Now more than ever, the people of this nation need a champion fighting the left’s agenda.

Every day, The Heritage Foundation fights for America—for individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, traditional American values, and a strong national defense to protect at all. Our world-renowned experts develop conservative solutions to America’s biggest issues—from creating more jobs, improving the economy, and building stronger families to securing our borders, making health care more affordable, and so much more.

But unlike so many other organizations in Washington, D.C., our focus isn’t on putting more power into the hands of government, it’s on returning power to the people. Our job is about working on behalf of the American people, not on behalf of any special interest or political party.

But we can’t do it alone. It's only through our Heritage members that we have the ability to engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for America. That’s why we invite you to stand with us—because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

The Kevin Roberts Show

Each episode of The Kevin Roberts Show is a weekly rallying cry for lovers of freedom everywhere, packed with Dr. Roberts’ analysis on the issues of the day and deep conversations with the movers and shakers of American politics and culture. And all of it backed by the academic excellence of The Heritage Foundation.

Heritage President Applauds Republican Study Committee’s Pro-Family Agenda
The family is the central building block of American society and western civilization. Without healthy, intact families our republic will not survive. The Left knows this, which is why they are working around the clock to rewrite the definition of marriage, cement abortion-on-demand into federal law, remove parental involvement from the classroom, and even redefine the biological reality of gender: male and female. Read the statement.

Former Chief of U.S. Border Patrol: Every Town is a Border Town
As the mayors of New York, D.C., and Chicago are just beginning to learn, Biden’s open-borders agenda is putting Americans across this country at risk every day; turning every town into a border town. The ongoing catastrophe at the border is far from being contained, and without strong, well-defined borders no nation can exist. Listen to the podcast.

Heritage President Praises Commitment to America Policy Agenda
The American people are demanding commonsense solutions after living through nearly two years of the radical Left’s disastrous policies. Fortunately, conservatives in Washington are coming to the rescue. From putting parents in charge and reversing inflation to securing the border and countering Communist China, the Commitment to America is a welcome plan for the 118th Congress. Read the statement.

Arizona’s Gold Standard for Education Freedom
The future of this country rests upon making sure each and every child has an opportunity to succeed. It is clearer than ever: American education has flatlined. It is also evident that states, fulfilling their role as the laboratories of democracy, are making great strides in raising the quality of and access to educational opportunities. Listen to the podcast.

Biden’s Paranoid Presidency Delivers Divisiveness to Americans, Not Unity
The left’s vision for America has grown increasingly dark. Their embrace of identity politics has morphed into an all-out drive for divisiveness, demonizing huge swaths of the American people for purely political purposes. Read the commentary.

Parents Need Choices To Help Students Overcome COVID-19 Learning Losses
The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare many of the dysfunctions infecting America’s overly bureaucratic and politicized public education system. Thankfully, it also revealed a cure: educational freedom with parents in charge. Read the commentary.

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts

Dec 1, 2021