The President’s Message

The President’s Message

The Heritage Foundation is fighting for America.

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The radical left and the rising tide of socialism pose a dire threat to America’s future. Now more than ever, the people of this nation need a champion fighting the left’s agenda.

Every day, The Heritage Foundation fights for America—for individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, traditional American values, and a strong national defense to protect at all. Our world-renowned experts develop conservative solutions to America’s biggest issues—from creating more jobs, improving the economy, and building stronger families to securing our borders, making health care more affordable, and so much more.

But unlike so many other organizations in Washington, D.C., our focus isn’t on putting more power into the hands of government, it’s on returning power to the people. Our job is about working on behalf of the American people, not on behalf of any special interest or political party.

But we can’t do it alone. It's only through our Heritage members that we have the ability to engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for America. That’s why we invite you to stand with us—because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

But we can’t do it alone. It's only through our Heritage members that we have the ability to engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for America. That’s why we invite you to stand with us—because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

Newt Gingrich Interviews Heritage President Kevin Roberts on ‘Newt’s World’ Podcast
Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts joined the “Newt’s World” podcast Sunday to discuss how Heritage will go on offense in 2022, engage with state leaders, and advance a policy agenda that includes safeguarding America’s elections at home and confronting China abroad. Read the news release.

Washington Post, WMAL Interview Kevin Roberts on Future of Heritage, Conservatism 
The current environment is toxic. It is an environment that dissuades a plurality, if not a majority, of Americans from wanting to get involved—including even just voting on their own volition. And I think the solution to that is for institutions like Heritage—and hopefully there would be some on the left, and some in the center—to decide that being snarky on Twitter is far less important than cultivating an American’s pride in national conversations about policy. Read the news release.

A New Way To Protect the Integrity of Our Elections
When it comes to elections, all Americans can surely agree that everyone who’s eligible to vote should be able to, and that all votes should be counted honestly and fairly, undiluted by fraud, errors, or mistakes. Read the commentary.

Heritage Will ‘Explore All Legal Options’ to Challenge Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate
The American people should be able to make their own personal medical decisions without the federal government forcing their employers to punish them or collect their private information. Read the news release.

Election Integrity, Vision for Heritage on Network News Shows
We’re going to be working on immigration reform.…We’re going to be involved in every school choice effort in any state that is looking at universal school choice. We’re going to clean up election laws. Obviously, Heritage has played a key role in that in 2021. That's just a sample of what we’re going to be doing. Read the news release.

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts

Dec 1, 2021