The President's Message

The President's Message

The Heritage Foundation is fighting for America.

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The radical left and the rising tide of socialism pose a dire threat to America’s future. Now more than ever, the people of this nation need a champion fighting the left’s agenda.  

Every day, The Heritage Foundation fights for America—for individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, traditional American values, and a strong national defense to protect at all. Our world-renowned experts develop conservative solutions to America’s biggest issues—from creating more jobs, improving the economy, and building stronger families to securing our borders, making health care more affordable, and so much more. 

But unlike so many other organizations in Washington, D.C., our focus isn’t on putting more power into the hands of government, it’s on returning power to the people. Our job is about working on behalf of the American people, not on behalf of any special interest or political party. 

But we can’t do it alone. It's only through our Heritage members that we have the ability to engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for America. That’s why we invite you to stand with us—because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

Left Labeling Election Integrity Reforms As “Jim Crow” Is a Lie and Insulting to Black People
As a Black woman who grew up in the segregated South, I’m shocked and appalled with the race-baiting from mostly White left-wing politicians who are throwing around the “Jim Crow” label to score political points in the debate over strengthening our voting laws. Read the commentary.

Praising Election Integrity Laws, Condemning Left’s Appalling “Race Baiting”
These state election reforms are about one thing—making it easier for American citizens to vote, while making it harder for cheaters to cheat. Read the news release.

I Was a Black Teen in the ’60s. Don’t Believe Left’s Lies About “Jim Crow” Election Reforms.
The right to vote is one of the most sacred rights that we as free citizens can exercise. Yet today, far too many Americans have lost trust in the fairness of our elections. Read the commentary.

The Kind of Leaders the Conservative Movement Needs To Stop the Left
I’ve been involved in the conservative movement for over 30 years. One reason I’ve been doing it so long is because I know that conservatives have the solutions to the most pressing problems America faces. Read the commentary.

Heritage Foundation President, Executive Vice President Announce Resignations
We accomplished everything we set out to do. Now it’s time to let someone else take the reins. Read the news release.

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Kay C. James

Kay C. James

May 22, 2018