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Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James joined Fox Business on February 4, 2020, to preview the State of the Union and discuss why Americans are flourishing under Trump and this economy.

“I got into government and public policy because of the life issue, and when I’m 90 years old, that’s the issue that’s going to get me out of bed in the morning,” James said during her speech at the National Pro-Life Summit. Read more on The Daily Signal.

Kay C. James appeared on C-SPAN’s Q&A September 22, 2019, where she discussed her upbringing, work in both Bush administrations, Heritage’s goals, and the conservative movement. Watch the full episode here

Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James joined Fox News on August 6, 2019, to discuss her personal experience with welfare and the impact of liberal policies on inner cities. Read her commentary here.

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Why Economic Freedom Is Critical to Beating the Coronavirus Pandemic
The debate in the United States over whether to move away from free markets and toward socialism may change dramatically as the latest coronavirus spreads throughout the world. That’s because in the fight against the global pandemic, we’ll likely witness one of the most compelling arguments in our lifetimes emerge in favor of free-market systems—and lives will be saved in the process. Read the commentary.

Coronavirus Bill Should Be Targeted, Temporary, and Directed at Economic Fallout. The Senate Bill Does Not Pass These Tests. 
As a nation, we are facing a genuine crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of many of us. Like everyone, we are deeply concerned for our families, our neighbors, our friends, and the businesses we depend on. We also are concerned by many of the provisions in the CARES Act. Read the statement.

Praising Choice of Russ Vought to Lead OMB
Russ is and will always be part of the Heritage family. We are proud of him and grateful to the President for nominating a staunch conservative like Russ. Read the statement.

Trump’s Coronavirus National Emergency Declaration Helps Mobilize Nation
We would do well to heed the advice the British government offered a fearful nation under much worse circumstances during World War II: “Keep calm and carry on.” Today carrying on means following the advice of the president and our nation’s leading health care professionals. It means living our lives while at the same time practicing responsible social interaction. That’s not panicking. That’s doing your civic duty to help protect yourself, your family, and your fellow Americans. Read the commentary.

Trump Administration Displays “Strong, Calming Leadership” in Coronavirus Response
In times of crisis, the American people deserve strong, calming leadership from our leaders. The president’s declaration today exhibited just that. The White House’s actions are decisive, appropriate, timely, and consistent with legal authorities, and will greatly aid in our country’s response to the coronavirus. Read the statement.

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Applauding Choice of Mark Meadows as White House Chief of Staff
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On Heritage Action
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On the State of the Union
Conservatives Want to Hear About New Success in 2019 State of the Union
2020: The State of Our Union Has Never Been Better

Congratulating Edwin Meese III on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom
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Honoring the Memories of Those We Lost on 9/11
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On Mark Esper's Confirmation as Secretary of Defense
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On Independence Day
2019: A Nation Worth Lauding
2018: Read the statement

On The Heritage Foundation’s Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship
2019: Journalist Mollie Hemingway

On Celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment's Passage in the House
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On Receiving Legacy Award from U.S. Dream Academy
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On the 70th Anniversary of NATO
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On Nomination of Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board
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On Neomi Rao’s Confirmation to Federal Bench
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On Andrew Wheeler Confirmation to Lead EPA
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On President Reagan's Birthday
Happy Birthday, President Ronald Reagan – Your Legacy Is With Us, Even Today

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Our Nation Is Not Yet Cleansed of Racism. Here’s What We Should Do.

On Veterans Day
Read the commentary

On the Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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On the 2018 Midterm Elections
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Conservatives Will Keep Fighting for Solutions That Are Good for America

On the 73rdAnniversary of V-J Day
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On Dr. Kiron Skinner
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Ambassador Nikki Haley: A Profile in Courage
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On Brett Kavanaugh
On Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Nomination
Brett Kavanaugh Has Proven that He’s Faithful to the Constitution
On Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court

ADAPT Protest and Meeting
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Virginia Library’s Women in History Program
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Women’s History Month
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On 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage


On the Death of George H.W. Bush
On the Death of Richard DeVos
On the Death of John McCain
On the Death of Rev. Billy Graham
On the Death of Barbara Bush
On the Death of Charles Krauthammer
On the Death of David Koch

Kay Coles James

Kay Coles James

May 22, 2018