The President's Message

The President's Message

The Heritage Foundation is fighting for America.

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The radical left and the rising tide of socialism pose a dire threat to America’s future. Now more than ever, the people of this nation need a champion fighting the left’s agenda.  

Every day, The Heritage Foundation fights for America—for individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, traditional American values, and a strong national defense to protect at all. Our world-renowned experts develop conservative solutions to America’s biggest issues—from creating more jobs, improving the economy, and building stronger families to securing our borders, making health care more affordable, and so much more. 

But unlike so many other organizations in Washington, D.C., our focus isn’t on putting more power into the hands of government, it’s on returning power to the people. Our job is about working on behalf of the American people, not on behalf of any special interest or political party. 

But we can’t do it alone. It's only through our Heritage members that we have the ability to engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for America. That’s why we invite you to stand with us—because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

On Loss of Dr. Bernard T. Lomas
The Heritage Foundation mourns the passing of Bernard Lomas, former counselor to the president of Heritage for over a quarter of a century. Read the statement.

On Dr. Ryan T. Anderson’s Appointment as President of EPPC
Ryan’s courage and intellectual leadership will be missed at Heritage, but we are thrilled that he will be leading the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a longtime friend and ally of Heritage and a true powerhouse of ideas. Read the statement.

On Impeachment of President Trump
Today, President-elect Joe Biden and congressional Democrats face a choice. They could follow through on their promise to unify the country and focus on the future. Or they could pursue impeachment in an attempt establish a historical precedent and send whatever signal they want to appease their base. Read the statement.

On Invoking the 25th Amendment
Our Founders designed an electoral process that empowers the American people to choose their leaders through elections. Removing a president outside of the electoral process should be done only as a last resort. Read the statement.

On Social Media Censorship
Americans have legitimate concerns about the role of Big Tech in shaping and influencing political speech. Time and again, social media companies have squandered the public’s trust and don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. Read the statement.

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Kay C. James

Kay C. James

May 22, 2018