The Heritage Foundation Launches Feulner Institute to ‘Win Back the Heart and Soul of This Country’


The Heritage Foundation Launches Feulner Institute to ‘Win Back the Heart and Soul of This Country’

Oct 24, 2019

Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James announced Oct. 22 the establishment of the Edwin J. Feulner Institute. The major initiative was unveiled before an audience of 1,500 at the inaugural Heritage Honors Gala at the Marriott Marquis in Washington.

The Feulner Institute is a first-of-its-kind endeavor to restore confidence in America’s founding values and principles. It will be the inspiration and hub of a new effort by Heritage to reinvigorate civic culture and our national purpose. The Feulner Institute will be a source of policy research, scholarship, and policy promotion.

The institute is named in honor of Edwin J. Feulner, founder of The Heritage Foundation. Feulner has spent a lifetime advancing America’s founding values and principles. Feulner is known for his commitment to building a movement “by addition and multiplication, not division and subtraction.”

“America is exceptional and America is great, and it is our duty to make sure that future generations know these truths and know why they are the truth,” said Heritage President Kay Coles James. “Many people today just don’t understand the uniqueness of this country and why what the founders created was so special. They don’t understand that it’s our founding principles that created the strongest, most free, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Without this basic understanding, without this basic appreciation for our country, they have no idea why it’s worth preserving.”

“The Feulner Institute will help Americans understand the uniqueness of this nation’s founding, reinstill in Americans a love for their country, and help them understand why it’s all worth preserving,” James added.

This generational effort will be led by Angela Sailor, Vice President of the Feulner Institute.

“The launch of the Feulner Institute is The Heritage Foundation’s formal declaration that we are serious, we are strategic, and we mean to win the battle for America’s future,” said Sailor. “There's nobody that we won't talk to and nowhere we won’t go to win back the heart and soul of this country. We are committed to preserving the American Dream and creating a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren.”

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