Encounter Books “Top Ten” List Includes Four Heritage-Affiliated Authors


Encounter Books “Top Ten” List Includes Four Heritage-Affiliated Authors

Apr 4, 2022

Conservative publishing company Encounter Books recently posted its “Top Ten” list for the month of March, with four Heritage-affiliated authors dominating the site’s most popular reads.

Mike Gonzalez, Hans von Spakovsky, Ryan T. Anderson, and Wilfred M. McClay all placed in the collection of favorite conservative books on the site. The topics varied widely—from the radical Marxist foundations of the Black Lives Matter movement to how the left is working to destabilize our elections—but all are especially relevant today.

BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution” dives headfirst into the history, tactics, and ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement. In it, author Mike Gonzalez describes how BLM, propelled into the national spotlight following the death of George Floyd, used social media and language manipulation to unleash turmoil in the streets of American cities, and how the perpetrators of crimes have been ignored.

Coauthored with political journalist John Fund, Hans von Spakovsky’s “Our Broken Elections: How the Left Changed the Way You Vote” goes deep into the flaws in the voting system. From vulnerabilities like failing to check the identity of voters and allowing practices like ballot harvesting to damaged voter confidence, “Our Broken Elections” investigates the issues in the American electoral process and provides solutions for fixing them.

Years after its publication, Ryan T. Anderson’s “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” is more relevant than ever. The book explores the left’s less-than-scientific rationale behind gender ideology and offers a detailed, logical rebuttal to it. But Anderson goes beyond the philosophical and cultural ramifications, cutting straight to the heart of the issue, which entails the physical and psychological damage that the transgender movement has wrought upon people with gender dysphoria. In addition to sharing experiences of victims and highlighting studies full of incontrovertible data, “When Harry Became Sally” provides practical, fair, and compassionate policy solutions.

Finally, “Land of Hope” by Wilfred M. McClay offers a new approach to teaching fundamental principles and truths about America. McClay seeks to resolve one of the failures of the conservative movement: a lack of narrative. While remaining rooted in truth, “Land of Hope” provides a positive, compelling vision of America and offers a national identity that much of the country has lost but can find once again.