No Choice, No Exit

No Choice, No Exit

The Left’s Plans for Your Health Care

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Foreword from the President of The Heritage Foundation
Kay C. James


Government-Controlled Health Care: Rhetoric Versus Reality
Marie Fishpaw and Meridian Paulton

Section 1: Public Option: The Trojan Horse to Government-Controlled Health Care

Section 1 Introduction

Chapter 1
The “Public Option”: Government-Run Health Care on the Installment Plan
Nina Owcharenko Schaefer and Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 2
The Public Option: Single Payer on the Installment Plan
Nina Owcharenko Schaefer and Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Section 2: Leading House and Senate Bills

Section 2 Introduction

Chapter 3
House Democrats Unveil Plan to Bring Total Government Control Over American Health Care
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 4
Total Control: The House Democrats’ Single-Payer Health Care Prescription
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 5
Government Monopoly: Senator Sanders’ “Single-Payer” Health Care Prescription
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 6
Sacrificing Public and Private Health Insurance for “Medicare for All”
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, PhD, and Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 7
New “Medicare for All” Bill Would Kick 181 Million Off Private Insurance
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Section 3: Framing the National Debate

Section 3 Introduction

Chapter 8
The National Debate over Government-Controlled Health Care
Robert E. Moffit, PhD, Christopher Pope, PhD, and Whit Ayres, PhD

Chapter 9
No Choice, No Exit: The Truth About  “Medicare for All” Proposals
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Section 4: Britain and Canada: Lessons from Their Experiences

Section 4 Introduction

Chapter 10
London Calling: Don’t Commit to Nationalized Health Care
Tim Evans, PhD

Chapter 11
How Socialized Medicine Hurts Canadians and Leaves Them Worse Off Financially
Peter St. Onge, PhD

Chapter 12
Lessons from the Canadian Health Care System
Bacchus Barua and Steven Globerman, PhD

Chapter 13
What Bernie Sanders Isn’t Telling You About Canadian Health Care
Peter St. Onge, PhD

Chapter 14
Why “Medicare for All” Isn’t the Right Prescription for a Pandemic
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Section 5: Are You Better Off Financially Under Government-Controlled Health Care?

Section 5 Introduction

Chapter 15
In Charts, How Medicare for All Would Make Most Families Poorer
Marie Fishpaw and Jamie Bryan Hall

Chapter 16
How “Medicare for All” Harms Working Americans
Edmund F. Haislmaier and Jamie Bryan Hall

Section 6: Government-Controlled Health Care and the Impact on the Medical Profession

Section 6 Introduction

Chapter 17
Hello, “Medicare for All.” Goodbye, Doctor–Patient Relationship.
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 18
“Medicare for All” Will Further Lower Physician Morale
Kevin Pham, MD

Chapter 19
U.S. Must Avoid a Single-Payer Health Care System That Stresses Doctors to the Breaking Point
Kevin Pham, MD, and Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 20
How “Medicare for All” Bills Would Worsen the Doctor Shortage
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 21
Medicare Is No Model of Administrative Simplicity or Efficiency
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 22
How “Medicare for All” Could Block Medical Progress
Kevin Pham, MD

Chapter 23
What the Left Gets Wrong About Health Spending and Outcomes
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Section 7: False Hope: Government-Controlled Health Care Will Not Improve Lives

Section 7 Introduction

Chapter 24
Government-Controlled Health Care Won’t Help Us Live Longer
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 25
Ignore Medicare for All Advocates’ Claims on Life Expectancy in the U.S.—Here Are the Facts
Robert E. Moffit, PhD

Chapter 26
Health Care: The Greatest Pro-Life Political Battle of Our Time
Louis Brown


The Truth About Government-Controlled Health Care 
By Robert E. Moffit, PhD

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This important book exposes the high price of ‘free’ care—long waits for treatments, doctor shortages, lower quality care, and soaring costs. Tragically, that often leaves the most vulnerable behind. Heritage scholars reveal this truth and point to a better path that puts doctors and patients in control of health care decisions.

Grace-Marie Turner

President, Galen Institute

In the wake of the failures of the Affordable Care Act, our nation is now engaged in another debate about health care reform as we face an aging population harboring a large burden of risk factors and chronic diseases. Almost inexplicably, single-payer health care has found new support, despite its decades of documented failures in other countries to provide timely, quality medical care. Clearly, this moment cries out for the truth about single-payer health care—conclusions from historical evidence and data. I highly recommend this book to all those who believe that facts matter.

Scott W. Atlas, MD

Hoover Institution

Big government is especially pernicious when asserting control over an individual’s health care. A bill which received an all-day hearing in a House of Representatives committee would do just that, resulting in a complete government takeover of health care. This book provides a go-to source as we continue the difficult debates about the federal presence in health care.

Rep. Michael C. Burgess (R-TX-26), MD

United States House of Representatives

No Choice, No Exit: The Left’s Plans for Your Health Care cuts through the rhetoric to explain the consequences of proposals purporting to save a family money by raising their taxes and  limiting their health care choices. The publication is timely as health care will be part of the debate for the presidential campaign and into the next Congress. Americans who wish to understand this debate should read this book

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), MD

United States Senate

Health reform remains a top priority for Americans. They’re concerned about high costs, access, and choice. This book explicitly shows how the Left’s plan for your health care fails to address those concerns.

John Goodman, PhD

Father of Health Savings Accounts and co-author of best-selling book "Patient Power"

This important collection cuts through the Left’s rhetoric on health care to highlight the danger of over-centralization and government control. American health care faces real problems, but the Left would only double down on them.

Yuval Levin, PhD

Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at American Enterprise Institute and Editor in Chief, National Affairs

It has never been more important than now to understand what a single-payer system would mean. This is a ‘must read.’

Gail Wilensky, PhD

Economist and Senior Fellow, Project Hope