Glossary of Abbreviations

Glossary of Abbreviations

Jan 24, 2024 21 min read

The attack submarine USS New Mexico (SSN 779) surfaces at Ice Camp Nautilus in the Arctic Ocean during Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2014 March 22, 2014. DoD / Mass CommSpecialist 2nd Class Joshua Davies


Abbreviation Definition
A2/AD anti-access/area denial
AAG Advanced Arresting Gear
AAMDS Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle
ABCT Armored Brigade Combat Team
ABM Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis
ABMS Airborne Battle Management System
ACF Army contingency force
ACV Amphibious Combat Vehicle
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone
ADMM-Plus ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting-Plus
AEHF Advanced Extremely High Frequency (satellite system)
AEW airborne early warning
AFAFRICA U.S. Air Forces Africa
AFCYBER U.S. Air Force Cyber Command
AFP Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFRICOM U.S. Africa Command
AFSOC U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command
AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area
AIP Air Independent Propulsion
AIT American Institute in Taiwan
AMDR Air and Missile Defense Radar
AME aeromedical evacuation
AMPV Armored Multipurpose Vehicle
ANSF Afghan National Security Forces
AN/TPY-2 Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance
ANZUS Australia–New Zealand–U.S. Security Treaty
AOR area of responsibility
APC armored personnel carrier
APS Army Prepositioned Stocks
AQAP Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
AQI Al-Qaeda in Iraq
AQIM Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
ARC Active Reserve Component
ARCYBER U.S. Army Cyber Command
ARF ASEAN Regional Forum
ARG amphibious ready group
ARNG Army National Guard
ASAT anti-satellite
ASBM anti-ship ballistic missile
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASG Abu Sayyaf Group
ASUW anti-surface warfare
ASW anti-submarine warfare
AUSMIN Australia–United States Ministerial
AW air warfare
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System


Abbreviation Definition
BBA Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015
BCA Budget Control Act of 2011
BCT Brigade Combat Team
BCW biological and chemical weapons
BDCA border defense cooperation agreement
BECA Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement
BJP Bharatiya Janata Party
BMD ballistic missile defense
BUR Bottom-Up Review
BVR beyond visual recognition


Abbreviation Definition
C2 command and control
C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
CA civil affairs
CAB Combat Aviation Brigade
CAPE Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation
CATOBAR conventional takeoff/barrier landing
CBO Congressional Budget Office
CCG Chinese Coast Guard
CCP Chinese Communist Party
CCT Combat Controller Team
CELAC Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
CENTCOM U.S. Central Command
CFC Combined Forces Command (South Korea–U.S.)
CFSCC Combined Force Space Component Command
CFT Cross-Functional Team
CHAMSI Cooperative Humanitarian and Medical Storage Initiative
CI Counterinsurgency
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CISMOA Communications and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement
CJTF-HOA Combined Joint Task Force–Horn of Africa
CLF Combat Logistics Force
CLU Command Launch Units
CMF Cyber Mission Force
CMRR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement
CMT combat mission team
COCOM Combatant Command
CONUS continental United States
COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease 2019
CPMIEC China Precision Machinery Import–Export Corporation
CPT Cyber Protection Team
CRS Congressional Research Service
CSF coalition support funds
CSG carrier strike group
CSO Chief of Space Operations
CSO Critical Skills Operator
CT Counterterrorism
CTC Combat Training Center
CTF Combined Task Force
CTIC Counter Terrorism Information Center
CVN aircraft carrier, nuclear powered
CVW carrier air wing
CW chemical warfare
CYBERCOM U.S. Cyber Command
CYOC Cyberspace Operations Centre


Abbreviation Definition
D2D deployment-to-dwell
DA-KKV direct-ascent kinetic-kill vehicle
DAF Department of the Air Force
DCA defense cooperation agreement
DDOS distributed denial of service
DDPR Deterrence and Defense Posture Review
DIANA Defence Innovation Accelerator of the North Atlantic
DIME diplomatic, informational, military, and economic
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMZ demilitarized zone
DNI Director of National Intelligence
DoAF Department of the Air Force
DOD U.S. Department of Defense
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DON U.S. Department of the Navy
DOS denial of service
DPRK Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSG Defense Strategic Guidance
DSR Defense Strategic Review
DTTI Defense Trade and Technology Initiative


Abbreviation Definition
EAC enhanced air cooperation
eAP enhanced Air Policing
EADRCC Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre
EAS European Activity Set
EBO effects-based operations
ECP engineering change proposal
EDA excess defense articles
EDCA Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
EDI European Defense Initiative
EEZ exclusive economic zone
EFP Enhanced Forward Presence
EFV Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EMALS Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
EMD engineering and manufacturing development
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
ERIP European Recapitalization Incentive Program
ESG Expeditionary Strike Group
EU European Union
EUCOM U.S. European Command
EW electronic warfare
EWS-G1 Electro-Optical Infrared Weather System


Abbreviation Definition
FATA Federally Administered Tribal Areas
FATF Financial Action Task Force
FCS Future Combat System
FLTCYBER U.S. Navy Fleet Cyber Command
FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications System
FOC full operational capability
FONOP freedom of navigation operation
FRAGO fragmentary order
FSTM full spectrum training miles
FTA free trade agreement
FY fiscal year
FYDP Future Years Defense Program


Abbreviation Definition
GAO Government Accountability Office (formerly General Accounting Office)
GATOR Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar
GCC geographic combatant commander
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council
GCV Ground Combat Vehicle
GDP gross domestic product
GEO geosynchronous orbit
GFMAP Global Force Management Allocation Plan
GMV Ground Mobility Vehicle
GPF general purpose forces
GPS Global Positioning System
GSOMIA General Security of Military Information Agreement


Abbreviation Definition
HA/DR humanitarian assistance/disaster relief
HEO highly elliptical orbit
HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HUMVEE)
HVE homegrown violent extremist


Abbreviation Definition
IAMD Integrated Air and Missile Defense
IBCT Infantry Brigade Combat Team
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICS industrial control systems
ICT Information and communications technology
IDF Israel Defense Forces
IED improvised explosive device
IFPC indirect fire protection capability
IFV infantry fighting vehicle
IMF International Monetary Fund
INDOPACOM U.S. Indo-Pacific Command
INEW Integrated Network Electronic Warfare
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (treaty)
INFSA Integrated Naval Force Structure Assessment
IOC initial operating capability
IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
ISAF International Security Assistance Force
ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance


Abbreviation Definition
JCPOA Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
JeM Jaish-e-Mohammed
JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
JOAC Joint Operational Access Concept
JP joint publication
JSF Joint Strike Fighter (F-35 Lightning II)
JSOC Joint Special Operations Command
JSOTF-P Joint Special Operations Task Force–Philippines
JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JTF North Joint Task Force North
JTF–SD Joint Task Force–Space Defense
JuD Jamaat-ud-Dawa


Abbreviation Definition
KATUSA Korean Augmentees to the United States Army
KFOR Kosovo Force


Abbreviation Definition
LAC Line of Actual Control
LAF Lebanese Armed Forces
LAV Light Armored Vehicle
LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion Vehicle
LCS Littoral Combat Ship
LCT Littoral Combat Team
LEMOA Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement
LeT Lashkar-e-Taiba
LFP lead force package
LHA landing helicopter assault (amphibious ship)
LHD landing helicopter dock (amphibious ship)
LNG liquefied natural gas
LoC Line of Control
LPD landing platform/dock or amphibious transport dock (amphibious ship)
LPDE Long Duration Propulsive Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
LRA Lord’s Resistance Army
LRASM long range anti-ship missiles
LRDR long range discrimination radar
LRIP low-rate initial production
LRS-B Long-Range Strike Bomber
LSD landing ship, dock (amphibious ship)


Abbreviation Definition
MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MANPADS man-portable air-defense systems
MARCENT U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command
MARFORAF U.S. Marine Corps Forces Africa
MARFORCYBER U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command
MARFOREUR U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe
MARFORPAC U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
MARSOC Marine Forces Special Operations Command
MAWI Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative
MCM mine countermeasure (ship)
MCMV mine countermeasure vessel (ship)
MCO major combat operation (see MRC, MTW)
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MDO multi-domain operations
MDT mutual defense treaty
MDTF Multi-Domain Task Forces
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit
Milstar Military Strategic and Tactical Relay
MINUSMA United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali
MIRV multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles
MISO Military Information Support Operations
MLR Marine Littoral Regiment
MNLA National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad
MNLF Moro National Liberation Front
MNNA major non-NATO ally
MOJWA Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa
MPC Marine Personnel Carrier
MPS Maritime Prepositioning Ships
MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (vehicle)
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MRC major regional conflict (see MTW, MCO)
MRF Marine Rotational Force
MSI Maritime Security Initiative
MTW major theater war (see MCO, MRC)


Abbreviation Definition
NAP National Action Plan
NASIC U.S. National Air and Space Intelligence Center
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAF U.S. Naval Forces Africa
NAVEUR U.S. Naval Forces Europe
NDAA National Defense Authorization Act
NDN Northern Distribution Network
NDP National Defense Panel
NDS National Defense Strategy
New START New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
NGI next generation interceptor
NMI NATO Mission Iraq
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NPR Nuclear Posture Review
NPRIS Nuclear Posture Review Implementation Study
NSA National Security Agency
NSBDF National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund
NSC National Security Council
NSR Northern Sea Route
NSWC Naval Special Warfare Command


Abbreviation Definition
OAR Operation Atlantic Resolve
OAS Organization of American States
OCO overseas contingency operations
ODNI Office of the Director of National Intelligence
OEF Operation Enduring Freedom
O-FRP Optimized Fleet Response Plan
OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom
OMFV optionally manned fighting vehicle
ONA Office of Net Assessment
ONE Operation Noble Eagle
OPCON operational control
OPE-P Operation Pacific Eagle–Philippines
OPIR Overhead Persistent Infrared
OPLAN operational plan
OPTEMPO operational tempo
OSCE Organization for Security and Co-operation In Europe
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTFSTM Operating Tempo Full Spectrum Training Miles


Abbreviation Definition
PACAF U.S. Pacific Air Forces
PACFLT U.S. Pacific Fleet
PACOM U.S. Pacific Command
PAF Philippine Air Force
PDD-15 Presidential Decision Directive-15
PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
PFLP-GC Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine–General Command
PGM precision-guided munitions
PIM Paladin Integrated Management
PKK Kurdistan Workers' Party
PKO peacekeeping operation
PLA People’s Liberation Army
PLAAF People’s Liberation Army Air Force
PLAN People’s Liberation Army Navy
PLARF People's Liberation Army Rocket Force
PLASSF People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force
PLO Palestine Liberation Organization
PNI Presidential Nuclear Initiative
PNT positioning, navigation, and timing
PRC People’s Republic of China
PRT Provisional Reconstruction Team
PSA Port of Singapore Authority
PSF Peninsula Shield Force
PWSA Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture


Abbreviation Definition
QDR Quadrennial Defense Review
QME qualitative military effectiveness
QNSTR Quadrennial National Security Threats and Trends


Abbreviation Definition
RAF Royal Air Force
RAP readiness action plan
RBA Ready Basic Aircraft
RCOH refueling and complex overhaul (nuclear-powered ship)
RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
RFP Request for Proposals
RIMPAC Rim of the Pacific
RKV redesigned kill vehicle
RMA revolution in military affairs
ROK Republic of Korea (South Korea)
RP Republic of the Philippines
RPG rocket-propelled grenade


Abbreviation Definition
SAARC South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation
SAC strategic airlift capability
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SAM surface-to-air missile
SAR search and rescue
SBCT Stryker Brigade Combat Team
SBIRS Space-Based Infrared System (satellite system)
SBSS Space-Based Surveillance System
SCN Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy (budget category)
SEAL Sea Air Land operator (Navy)
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SFA Strategic Framework Agreement
SFAB Security Force Assistance Brigades
SIGINT signals intelligence
SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile
SMU special mission unit
SOCAFRICA U.S. Special Operations Command Africa
SOCCENT U.S. Special Operations Command Central
SOCEUR U.S. Special Operations Command Europe
SOCPAC U.S. Special Operations Command Pacific
SOF U.S. Special Operations Forces
SOP standard operating procedure
SORT Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty
SOTFE Support Operations Task Force Europe
SPE Sony Pictures Entertainment
SPMAGTF Special-Purpose Marine Air–Ground Task Force
SpOC Space Operations Command
SRBM short-range ballistic missile
SRM Sustainable Readiness Model
SSBN ballistic missile submarine, nuclear-powered
SSGN guided missile submarine, nuclear-powered
SSN attack submarine, nuclear-powered
SSP Stockpile Stewardship Program
STA-1 Strategic Trade Authorization-1
STARCOM U.S. Space Training and Readiness Command
STRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command
SUW surface warfare


Abbreviation Definition
TACAIR tactical air
TAFWN The Air Force We Need
TAI total active inventory
TANAP Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline
TAP Trans-Adriatic Pipeline
TCO transnational criminal organization
TDY stateside temporary duty
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
TLAM/N Tomahawk Land Attack Missile/Nuclear
TMP technical modernization program
TNW tactical nuclear weapon
TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership
TRA Taiwan Relations Act
TRANSCOM U.S. Transportation Command
TSOC Theater Special Operations Command
TTP Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan


Abbreviation Definition
UAE United Arab Emirates
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UCLASS Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike
UCP Unified Command Plan
U.K. United Kingdom
ULA United Launch Alliance
UNASUR Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Union of South American Nations)
UNC United Nations Council
UNCLOS U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea
UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
USAF U.S. Air Force
USAFCENT U.S. Air Forces Central
USAFE U.S. Air Forces Europe
USARAF U.S. Army Africa
USARCENT U.S. Army Central
USAREUR U.S. Army Europe
USARPAC U.S. Army Pacific
USASOC U.S. Army Special Operations Command
USCYBERCOM U.S. Cyber Command
USFJ U.S. Forces Japan
USFK U.S. Forces Korea
USMC U.S. Marine Corps
USNAVCENT U.S. Naval Forces Central
USNORTHCOM U.S. Northern Command
USSF U.S. Space Force
USSOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOM U.S. Southern Command
USSPACECOM U.S. Space Command
USV unmanned surface vessel
USW undersea warfare


Abbreviation Definition
VEO violent extremist organizations
VFA U.S.–Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement
VLS vertical launching system
VPM Virginia Payload Module


Abbreviation Definition
WGS Wideband Global SATCOM (satellite system)
WMD weapons of mass destruction
WRM wartime readiness materials
WWTA Worldwide Threat Assessment