COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

What should we think about this mandate? Is it legal?

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COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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The Biden administration is about to require 80 million working Americans to get vaccinated through The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You may be among them. Learn more about how it could impact you, your options, the cases underway to fight the mandate.



OSHA lacks the legal authority to impose a vaccine mandate, which has prompted court cases in multiple circuits.


  • Organization: The America First Policy Institute, Alliance for Free Citizens
  • Court: Eighth Circuit

AFT Pennsylvania v. OSHA

  • Organization: AFT Pennsylvania
  • Court: Third Circuit

Answers in Genesis v. OSHA

  • Organization: First Liberty Institute
  • Court: Sixth Circuit

BST Holdings v. OSHA

  • Organizations: Liberty Justice Center, Pelican Institute
  • Court: Fifth Circuit

Daily Wire v. OSHA

  • Organizations: Alliance Defending Freedom, Center for American Liberty
  • Court: Sixth Circuit

Florida v. OSHA

  • Organizations: Alliance Defending Freedom, States of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama
  • Court: Eleventh Circuit

Health Freedom Defense Fund

  • Organization: Health Freedom Defense Fund
  • Court: Middle District of Florida

Kentucky v. OSHA

  • Organizations: States of Kentucky, Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia
  • Court: Sixth Circuit

Leadingedge Personnel v. OSHA

  • Organizations: Texas Public Policy Foundation, American First Legal
  • Court: Fifth Circuit

Massachusetts Building Trades Council v. OSHA

  • Organization: Massachusetts Building Trades Council
  • Court: First Circuit

Missouri v. Biden

  • Organizations: Alliance Defending Freedom, States of Missouri, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, New Hampshire, Wyoming
  • Court: Eighth Circuit

National Association of Broadcast Employees & Technicians v. OSHA

  • Organization: National Association of Broad Employees & Technicians
  • Court: Ninth Circuit

Phillips Manufacturing & Tower Company v. U.S. Department of Labor

  • Organization: Buckeye Institute
  • Court: Sixth Circuit

Republican National Committee v. OSHA

  • Organization: Republican National Committee
  • Court: D.C. Circuit


  • Organization: SEIU
  • Court: Second Circuit

Southern Baptist Evangelical Seminary v. OSHA

  • Organization: Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Court: Sixth Circuit

Tankcraft Corporation v. OSHA

  • Organization: Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty
  • Court: Seventh Circuit

Texas Trucking Association v. OSHA

  • Organization: NFIB Small Business Legal Center
  • Court: Fifth Circuit

Texas v. U.S. Department of Labor

  • Organizations: Mississippi Justice Institute, States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Utah
  • Court: Fifth Circuit

The Heritage Foundation v. OSHA

  • Organization: The Heritage Foundation
  • Court: U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

United Association of Journeymen v. OSHA

  • Organization: United Ass’n of Journeyman
  • Court: Fourth Circuit

Word of God Fellowship v. OSHA

  • Organization: First Liberty Institute
  • Court: Fifth Circuit