SCOTUS 101: The Sunrise Side of the Mountain


SCOTUS 101: The Sunrise Side of the Mountain

Oct 4th, 2018 1 min read
Elizabeth Slattery

Legal Fellow and Appellate Advocacy Program Manager, Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Elizabeth Slattery researches and writes on the rule of law, separation of powers, civil rights, and other constitutional issues.
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In Episode 302 of SCOTUS 101, Elizabeth Slattery & John-Michael Seibler break down recent oral arguments in cases dealing with frogs, cemeteries, and an intelligible principle. Elizabeth also recently chatted with John Yoo about maintaining a sunny disposition in the face of adversity and road trips with Justice Clarence Thomas. Don't miss Supreme Trivia - Clarence Thomas Edition (John Yoo is in the hot seat!).

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