Fighting for Budget Sanity with Sen. Mike Lee

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Fighting for Budget Sanity with Sen. Mike Lee

Mar 2, 2022 1 min read
Kevin Roberts, Ph.D.


Dr. Kevin Roberts serves as the seventh president in Heritage’s 49-year history.
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Economic freedom is one of mankind’s best ideas. It is responsible for more advances in living standards, health, knowledge, multicultural harmony and social justice than anything else we’ve come up with in the last 2,000 years. 

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This week, we’re joined by Senator Mike Lee of Utah to dig into just what that freedom looks like, how the fight to preserve it is shaping up as the Biden administration continually pushes for radical spending that would further bloat the federal government, and more.

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PLUS: Heritage’s own Matt Dickerson breaks down Capitol Hill’s budget process and how we can dig ourselves out of a hole of debt 30 trillion dollars deep.

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