China’s Growing Influence Should Concern You


China’s Growing Influence Should Concern You

Feb 16, 2022 1 min read
Kevin D. Roberts, PhD


Heritage Trustee since 2023
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Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, China served as an irresponsible global actor that threatened American interests and values world-wide. The rise of China is the most persistent and consequential challenge that will confront the United States for the next several decades.

From the surveillance of American athletes and their sway in Hollywood to their military capabilities, China’s presence is one that our nation can ill-afford to underestimate.

In the first episode of The Kevin Roberts Show, Senator Tom Cotton and Heritage’s very own Dean Cheng weigh in to help break down how what their growing influence means for America and the rest of the world—and what we need to do to hold China accountable and maintain freedom.

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