Impact on Faith-Based Organizations

Impact on Faith-Based Organizations

Dec 1, 2018 1 min read

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Faith-based organizations involved in education increasingly face the possibility of losing state or federal funding unless they assent to the new cultural norms on sexuality.

In 2016, California legislators introduced SB 1146, a bill that, if passed in its original form, would have disqualified students for state aid if they attended a college with faith-based codes of conduct and profession-of-faith requirements. This bill would have affected thousands of low-income students attending evangelical and Catholic schools throughout the state.

In adoption and foster care, some state laws require all child welfare agencies to place children in same-sex-headed households. In Illinois, the law did not provide an exemption for faith-based agencies. This forced Catholic Charities to choose between violating its religious beliefs or withdrawing from the system. As a result of Illinois’ refusal to protect religious liberty, Catholic Charities had to stop caring for 2,500 children.

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