The Heritage Fellows in Civil Society

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The Heritage Fellows in Civil Society

Building the Defenders of American Society


The Heritage Foundation’s Civil Society Fellows Program provides professional Hill Staff the opportunity to build a better understanding of policy issues including life, gender identity, marriage, religious freedom and the pivotal role they play in American civil society.

The fellowship will take an in-depth look at how these policy issues form the foundation of our society and equip them to articulate the conservative principles so they can win the debates on these vital issues. The fellows will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with each other and prominent conservative groups.

Program Dates: March - July 2022

All meetings will take place at one of Heritage's Capitol Hill locations.

Colloquium Day:

The colloquium will provide the philosophical underpinnings for the cultural and civil society issues the fellows will be learning throughout the program. The topics of the Colloquium include:

  • Nature of the Human Person and the Role of Government
  • Religion and Public Reason
  • Moral Underpinnings of Life
  • Two Legs of the Stool: Uniting Social and Economic Conservatism

These thought-provoking sessions lay the foundation for the public policy discussions that follow.

Lunch Sessions:

These one hour sessions will provide a more topical understanding of the issues including current political overview and messaging assistance. All luncheons will be held at a Heritage location. Topics for the Lunch Sessions:

  • Defending Life
  • Bioethics
  • Religious Liberty
  • Gender Identity Policy
  • Civil Discourse
  • Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics
  • American Culture and Opportunity
  • Civil Society in the International Arena

Debate Night:

As a part of the program, the fellows will participate in an off-the-record debate to help them hone their talking points and knowledge of the important issues discussed. The debate night will also give the fellows the opportunity to meet and network with past graduates of the program.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 4th 

Apply now!

75% attendance is mandatory for participation in the fellowship.

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact Matthew Eagan at [email protected] or 202-746-0993.