Kevin Pham

Kevin Pham, MD

Former Visiting Policy Analyst

Dr. Pham was a Visiting Policy Analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

Dr. Kevin Pham, MD, was a visiting policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation. Dr. Pham is a former graduate fellow in Heritage’s health policy team.

Pham began medical school at the University of Toledo’s College of Medicine in 2013, shortly before the Affordable Care Act took effect on our health care system.

His clinical years were characterized by the excellent teaching and education of his attending physicians, as well as their observations about all the changes in medicine they’ve seen. This convinced Dr. Pham after medical school to pursue an MBA in health systems to become better involved in public health and health policy.

This also lead him to The Heritage Foundation's graduate fellow program in 2018 where he researched and wrote on the administrative burden of health care and its detrimental effects on physician morale and workforce in the face of an impending physician shortage. His recent work has focused on COVID-19 mask wearing, vaccine development and treatments.

His op-eds have been featured on Real Clear Health and The Daily Signal and he has appeared on C-SPAN Washington Journal, OAN, NexStar, and other outlets.