Abigail Slagle

Abigail Slagle

Former Research Associate, Domestic Policy

Abby was a research associate in domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation.

This expert is no longer a staff member at The Heritage Foundation.

Abby Slagle was a research associate in domestic policy at The Heritage Foundation. Her work focused on health care and welfare policy, and ways to apply free market principles in order to make health care more accessible, affordable, and personalized for Americans. Abby graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in political science. Her research has focused on prescription drug coverage, alternative treatments for pain and the opioid crisis, medical marijuana, and statistical and quantitative analysis about demographic and cultural shifts on abortion policy.

Prior to joining The Heritage Foundation, Abby interned in government relations for Thermo Fisher Scientific, a Fortune-150 healthcare technology company. She interned at Heritage during the summer of 2017 in the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.