Tucker Carlson to Keynote Speech at Heritage’s 50th Anniversary Gala

Tucker Carlson to Keynote Speech at Heritage’s 50th Anniversary Gala

Feb 16, 2023 3 min read

Tucker Carlson speaks at The Heritage Foundation

WASHINGTON—Tucker Carlson, the popular Fox News primetime host who started his career at The Heritage Foundation, will deliver the keynote address at Heritage’s 50th anniversary gala on Friday, April 21.

Carlson hosts Fox News’ highest-rated primetime show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and is widely admired among conservatives nationwide for his provocative monologues and hard-hitting reports. His keynote at Heritage’s 50th anniversary gala will be his first to a Heritage audience since receiving the prestigious Salvatori Prize from Heritage in 2018.

This week marks 50 years since Heritage’s founding on Feb. 16, 1973. The conservative policy organization will celebrate this important milestone with a two-day event in April, including a Leadership Summit and evening gala at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland.

The Leadership Summit will conclude with an evening gala featuring Carlson’s keynote speech.

“Tucker Carlson is a fearless American who is unafraid to challenge the Washington regime, ask tough questions, and hold the ruling elite accountable. His nightly show is must-see TV for anyone who realizes we have a limited window of time to save this country,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said. “We are excited to welcome Tucker Carlson back to Heritage as we mark this important milestone and celebrate our 50th anniversary.”

In 1991, Carlson started his career with a job at The Heritage Foundation. Working as a fact-checker, proofreader, and writer for Heritage’s quarterly journal Policy Review, he quickly began to make his mark on Washington.

“It turned out to be the greatest job ever, mostly because of the people I worked with,” Carlson said in a 2018 interview. “I was unusually lucky. It was one of those jobs that didn’t sound as prestigious as working at The Washington Post, but I think I learned more than I would have if I’d gone to The Post or The New York Times or anywhere. I really learned a lot.”

Prior to joining Fox News, Carlson co-founded and served as editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller. Carlson is also a former host of MSNBC’s “Tucker” and co-hosted CNN’s “Crossfire.” In addition to his primetime show, Carlson is the host of the Fox Nation series “Tucker Carlson Today” and "Tucker Carlson Originals.”

Heritage’s Leadership Summit will kick off the morning of Thursday, April 21. The summit will demonstrate consensus around big-picture questions facing America and deliver a conservative policy agenda equipped to unite the movement around an offensive strategy to take back our country from the regime of the Left, restore self-governance, and rebuild key institutions of civil society.

Featuring leaders from every sector of the conservative coalition, the two-day Leadership Summit will further unpack strategies and tactics for the federal, state, and local levels to both halt the Left’s cultural onslaught and defend and strengthen our most cherished institutions and principles.

Heritage will announce additional information and Leadership Summit speakers in the coming weeks. The summit will be open to a limited number of news outlets. For more information, click here. To apply for a press pass, click here. For inquiries, please contact Noah Weinrich ([email protected]).

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